Friday, July 13, 2012

The Modern or French Rite: Masonry for the Third Millenium

El Rito Francés o Moderno: La Masonería del Tercer Milenio

This book contains a very constructive message which is easily understood - the Modern Rite. It is a work that reflects the views of several members of the Modern Rite in Brazil, Grand Inspectors General of the Supreme Council. There were many controversies over the Modern Rite, but it prevailed and became practiced in France, Holland, Belgium and the French colonies, as well as Portugal, Spain and several other countries, including Brazil. The Modern Rite given its philosophical spirit of progressive reform is rational and appropriate to our century, under the banner of the new masonry, ie masonry of the third millennium.

This is a work that fills a gap in the literature concerning the study of the Modern Rite.

Preface to the Spanish edition:
The Modern Rite Mission
Jose da Silva Cohelho
Creation of the Modern Rite in France
Paulo Cesar Gaglianone
The introduction of the Modern Rite in Brazil
Paulo Cesar Gaglianone
The Modern Rite in the context of Freemasonry Universal
Antunes de Alencar Alcio
History of Modern Rite
Henrique Camargo C‚ndido
The Modern Rite and the "Landmarks"
Octavian Galvio Filho Dupin
The Bible in the context of Modern Rite
Henrique Camargo Candido
Masonry and Dogmatism
Luciano Ferreira Leite
The Modern Rite Adogmatismo
Alexandre F.I. Evangelist
Considerations Modern or French Rite
Onias Antonio Neto
Modern Rite - An Interpretation
Samuel Antonio Baptista
Masonic Lodges and Chapters of Modern Rite in Brazil from 1993 to the present
Paulo Cesar Gaglianone
Lodge Fraternidade Latin America perpetual defender of the Modern Rite - Historical Summary
Lourival Souza
Manifest: time of decision
Brief History of the Modern Rite Supreme Council
Antunes de Alencar Alcio
Magna session commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Foundation of SCRM
Antunes de Alencar Alcio
Re-ratification of the Treaty of Friendship and Alliance between the GOB Masonic and Very Powerful and Sublime GCRM  of Brazil
Constitution of the Supreme Council of the Modern Rite, year 1992
Bylaws of the SCRM
Modern Rite Lodge Belgian exchange of information requested on the Rite
Victor Guerra

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