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An Outline of the Orders of Wisdom of the Modern Rite

I° Order, "Elect": from revenge to justice.

Avenging Hiram is the primary theme of the First Order of the modern rite, as it appears in the ritual of the late eighteenth century. Revenge does not reflect Masonic sentiments or values. However, justice must be exercised against the murderers of Hiram. Find, prosecute and punish the murderers of the Master is thus a better way of describing the theme of the first order. The first order is therefore essentially the subject of the arrival at the concept of justice. When justice reigns, then truth can be satisfied and peace may materialize: man's inner peace, peace in society, community, and on a larger scale peace among nations. In the first Order, the Mason works for the construction of justice in all domains.

II° Order, "Grand Elect": From the union of men to the unity of values

One of the objectives of Freemasonry is the work toward the realization of the union among men. But under the guise of virtue, the union can hide even opposing, contradictory objectives. The union may also be established for perverse motives: bad companions, the murderers of Hiram, succeeded in carrying out their crime because they were united. The union can only be fruitful when it strives to realize the unity of values, ie, working for the adoption of universal values, values raised by the masonic humanism. In the original rituals, this issue is illustrated by the pursuit of knowledge symbolized by a precious jewel that belonged to Hiram.

III° Order, "Knight Mason":  to fight and defend.
The rituals of origin we have here the reconstruction of the Temple of Salompon after the Babylonian exile. The Masons released by Cyro return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple, bringing the trowel in one hand and sword in the other. Two lessons are included: no construction is final and human history is summarized in a ternary ever: construction, destruction, reconstruction. therefore, the values  obtained are always threatened and should always be prepared to fight and defend.

IV° Order, "Perfect Free Mason" the release to fulfillment.
The apprentice mason work is enshrined in the fight that should engage a man to become emancipated, and therefore free. Freed from the obstacles imposed by nature hostile, also freed of the burdens set out in its own interior. This emancipation achieved, this freedom won, responds like an echo the teaching of the fourth order, dedicated to the development of man in a society whose structures and operating to allow the realization of this ideal. After having done the above steps, establish justice, work on the realization of the unity of values and rebuild, the mason can reach its full and full development in a just society and more perfect.

V° Order, "Knight of Wisdom": Reunion of the dispersed. Universality. which would include all degrees physical and metaphysical, and all systems, particularly those adopted by active Masonic associations. 

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