Friday, September 28, 2012

Rescue The Occult of Personality!

The Kaminsky family is in an "all hands on board" crisis mode and they need your help! Greg Kaminsky's wonderful Occult of Personality website was hacked last night and is out of commission. The hosting company said that denial of service messages came from thousands of IP addresses that kept changing and were specifically  targeting Greg's website. It sounds like a major conspiracy theory script from a bad movie and it would be amusing if they didn't rely on Greg's site to generate half of their family's monthly budget! As of now, the hosting company has dropped Greg's website and he needs to find a new hosting company that specializes in handling malicious attacks. They are welcoming any suggestions you might have there.

For now, they need to deal with the reality of the site being gone. While Greg is going to rebuild it, that will take time and money. Better security costs more! And some of Greg's subscribers are jumping ship which is totally understandable. After all, would you be paying a monthly fee if you could not even get to the website?

Who knew that posting interviews with esoteric authors is such a dangerous business?! The Kaminsky's certainly didn't think so! Cerntainly not Olga Kaminsky who listens to the podcasts while Greg edits them,  notes that inevitably the message is about the human race awakening, spirituality playing a bigger role in our lives, and different ways of following a spiritual path.

Olga goes on to say, "I would like to ask for your help in covering the website rebuilding costs for Greg. Better security means higher monthly costs and apparently each time there is an attack like this there is a one-time fee to deal with it. There is also a lost time and subscriber cost that makes me nervous. Did I mention this is how we pay our bills? Every little bit you can give will help us get over this unfortunate event, help Greg bring his site back, and put food on the table. Food is good! Thank you for your help!"

The Hedge Mason wants to ask you all to support the Occult of Personality. Greg Kaminsky and his site is a valuable asset to those who are interested in Esoteric subjects including Hermeticism and Esoteric Freemasonry. He needs your help! Please do not let him down! Bro. Greg needs your help!

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