Friday, November 1, 2013

Rough Ashlar No. 10

It is apparent that something is broken. I know the automatic chorus of objections to that remark will commence before I finish typing this sentence. However, I will reiterate, something is broken. Freemasonry is supposed to be about fraternal relations, writ large. It is supposed to be about brotherhood, and mutual support. 
Objections to the fact that some of us in Liberal Freemasonry admit women aside, the fact remains there is precious little brotherhood in Freemasonry as it exists today even where gender isn't in question. Certainly, many of those who are still reading this by the 7th sentence will object that they go to lodge and feel all warm and fuzzy. I'm happy for you. Even if they appeal to the higher aims of the Craft, in their heart of hearts they have to realize that serious problems exist.
There is warfare in the trenches. The list of obediences that don't speak to some other obedience is long enough to disguise itself as a senate appropriations bill. It has been this way as long as anyone can remember.

This isn't rocket science folk. I don't have to agree with everything you do, nor do you have to agree with everything I do. We don't even need to sit in lodge with each other, although I have yet to see in my lifetime a Catholic priest who would refuse to let a Baptist attend a mass, or even a Methodist who would refuse to let a Buddhist attend one of their church services. 

We are all Masons. We need to begin to grow up and start acting like adults. I know it goes against "tradition" or the rules and regulations of our obediences. But when rules cause more harm than good, they need to be fixed. Besides, and the language is not too strong, it is making us look like idiots. Perhaps that is what all of our territorial and regularity obsessions have actually made us.

At the least, we need to talk instead of continuing to bray like a certain species of stubborn animal. I was taught that the gift of speech was what distinguished humanity from the other species. At least, in the case of Freemasons, I am beginning to wonder.

Conversation, anyone?


jessy said...

What a blessing it was to meet you today, Brother Dear! This is Jessy from the Garland of Letters,finding your blog! YES-YES-YES-YES-YES! I will keep abreast of things best I can, & look forward to more dialog! As a reticent OES & Cyrene(PHA),I look forward to inclusion vs. exclusion, especially because the generations behind us need all the metaphysical helps they can get!!!

E C Ballard ஃ said...

Glad to have met you, Sister Jessy. We will indeed continue the conversation. I'll drop you an email in a day or two.

DonnyDarkoh said...

Would you contact me? I'm a member of a mixed lodge and would like to collaborate in this cause.