Sunday, July 5, 2015

Spirit Builders: A New Free Illuminist Memphis Misraim Book Released

Spirit Builders
A Free Illuminist Approach to the Antient & Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim
Written & Illustrated by Tau Palamas

SPIRIT BUILDERS explores a radical expression of a little known branch of mystical Freemasonry for men and women, and provides a ritual monitor and guide for those desirous of practicing this avant-garde system.

Book One—In Free Communion, explores the movement of Free Illuminism, its central tenets, the spiritual transmissions it has inherited, the nature of the points-chauds empowerments & the relationship of the Rites of Memphis+Misraim with these same empowerments.

Book Two—The Violet Lodge, provides a complete three-degree system for working bodies to fully integrate the points empowerments in a Lodge setting.

Book Three—Hauts Grades, includes a complete ritual monitor & guide for working all 97 Degrees of the Antient & Primitive Rite of Memphis+Misriam, according to the Ecclesiastical Revision of 1921-22, and as expounded upon by Free Illuminists in the Jean-Maine lineage. Book Three also functions as one of the expressions of the intuitional instrumentations of the INNER RETREAT as found in the Third Year Course of the Monastery of the Seven Rays.

Appendices include an Afterword by T Allen Greenfield, an Elemental Mass of the Misraim and multiple essays by Free Illuminists from around the globe who are experimenting with the points-chauds empowerments.

Soft Cover Edition Retail $90
Shipping $6.00 within the U.S. Per Volume.
Worldwide shipping $30.00 Per Volume.

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