Sunday, April 15, 2012

International Academy of the Order of Wisdom V°


While this news may be a bit late, the Hedge Mason may be excused for reporting on this event nearly a year later, as this blog did not exist at the time. Besides, it may be noted that other reports on this event in English have not to this writer's knowledge seen the light of day. So, forth with, the Hedge Mason wishes to share a report on a significant event which occurred in Barcelona last year. No doubt it with have an impact, even here in the US in the years to follow.

TheUniversal Union of the Modern Masonic Rite.

The motives which gave birth to it are not new. They had been circulating for quite a few years. Brother Jean-Geoges Plumet (GCGRF-GODF) long ago noted that the main issue among other mandatory topics which needed to be resolved was whether the GCGRF-GODF was or was not a mixed rite.

Subsequently all that has been reviewed from other perspectives, with new forms and by brothers reflecting a more diverse set of backgrounds. As a result of these discussions and debates, the Universal Union of the Modern Masonic Rite was born in Barcelona on June 23, 2011, whose policy statement has been published on several blogs and web pages.

Assembly of V °

Within the Universal Union of the Modern Masonic Rite, the members of the Vth Order of Wisdom from its plurality, approved the constitution of the UMURM but also the creation of:

The V° International Academy of the Order of the Modern Rite, and this simultaneous broad approval underscored the two primary missions which it has been charged with performing:

  • To be a laboratory of thought to reflect on the meaning, philosophy, values, and ethics that correspond to the Modern Rite.

  • To be an Academy Rite capable of finding and disseminating that can assume the role of a true conservatory Modern Rite, and finally, to advise any Supreme Council, Grand Chapter General Body or other philosophical demands.
  • This Academy will work beyond boundaries and obediences without normative will, respecting the absolute independence of each of its members.
  • This Academy will be open to any Power Sovereign, Independent Chapter, but also, personally and individually to any holder of the V° Ord. Modern Rite, expressing his desire to be part of it and attesting documentation of the possession of their titles.

The leaders charged with carrying out these mandates are:

Victor Guerra V° Order , Grade 9, as Director of the Academy of the V° Order of Modern Rite

Hervé Vigier, V° Order, Grade 9, Coordinator of the Department of History and Legend of the International Academy of the V° Order of Modern Rite.

Jean van Win , V° Order, Grade 9, Coordinator of the Research Department of the Masonic Academy, V° International Order of Modern Rite.

Victor Guerra, Jean Hervé van Win and Hervé Vigier during their appointment.


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