Monday, April 28, 2014

Rough Ashlar No. 13: The Whig Lie that Never Died

It is nothing less than amazing that although the Whig politics of early Hanoverian England was buried in the 19th Century (it's now the 21st Century, folks) in the hearts and minds of North American Freemasons who most likely think the term "Whig" refers to a hair piece, it continues to have a stranglehold which keeps them from using rational thought.

No, Freemasonry did not originate in 1717 London, and it was never intended to be an institution that was bound solely to Christian thought or which had to avoid the discussion of politics. For that matter, there is ample documentation that women have been Freemasons since the 1700s. 

The Scots and Irish were most likely the first to bring Freemasonry to France (and Spain and Italy as well), and it was at least in part an effort to regain the throne of England and Scotland from the Hanoverian frauds. This is not incomprehensible. You only need to know a tiny bit about the politics of Western Europe in the 18th Century for this to be common sense.

Oh, and while we're at it, Freemasonry has always had those inconvenient ties to Alchemy, Hermeticism, Cabbalism, and esoteric thought. 

The scholarship of the likes of David Stevenson. Seán Murphy, Margaret Jacob, Karen Kidd, J.P. Jenkins, Marsha Keith Schuchar, and an ever expanding list of serious scholars are establishing the reality that Masonic History no longer is "best left to...the attention of masonic enthusiasts...with their feet planted firmly in the clouds."

Sorry boys, but on the plus side, you can curse me out at your next fish fry!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rஃ Lஃ Jano No. 12, Or. Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico

The GLMAE announced that on 20 April of this year, the incorporation of Rஃ Lஃ Jano No. 12 to Or. Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico occurred.  In the near future they will make their installation. We welcome you with a Triple Battery in Celebration!

Treaty of Amity between GLMAE and the Grand Orient of Catalan

On Thursday, April 24, 2014, a Treaty of Amity and Recognition was formalized  between the Mixed Grand Lodge of the Equitorial Andes (GLMAE) and the Grand Orient de Catalunya.  During the ceremony the brotherhood of Latin American people with the Catalan people and their identification with the fight for the rescue of their identity and sovereignty was highlighted.  The event was entirely conducted in the Catalan language as a sign of equality and respect for a territory that has accepted compatriots who have emigrated and have nurtured Catalan cultural richness.

                                                  ஃ ஃ ஃ

El dia d'ahir, dijous, abril 24, 2014, es va signar el Tractat de Reconeixement i Amistat entre la Gran Lògia Mixta dels Andes equatorials i el Gran Orient de Catalunya.  Durant l'acte es van ressaltar l'agermanament dels pobles llatinoamericans amb el poble català i la seva identificació pel que fa a la lluita pel rescat de la seva identitat i sobirania.  L'esdeveniment es va efectuar totalment en llengua catalana com a mostra d'igualtat i respecte cap a un territori que ha acollit com a propis als compatriotes que des dels nostres països han migrat i s'han nodrit de la riquesa cultural catalana. 

                                                    ஃ ஃ ஃ

El día de ayer, jueves, 24 de abril del 2014, se firmó el Tratado de Reconocimiento y Amistad entre la Gran Logia Mixta de los Andes Ecuatoriales y el Gran Oriente de Catalunya. Durante el acto se resaltaron el hermanamiento de los pueblos latinoamericanos con el pueblo catalán y su identificación en cuanto a la lucha por el rescate de su identidad y soberanía. El evento se efectuó totalmente en lengua catalana como muestra de igualdad y respeto hacía un territorio que ha acogido como propios a los compatriotas que desde nuestros países han migrado y se han nutrido de la riqueza cultural catalana.

Gràcies a GஃMஃ Olga Vallejo Rueda, GLMAE

Friday, April 18, 2014

Presentation by José María Bonachi Batalla President of The Universal Masonic Union of the Modern Rite


Speaking today at this forum of The Roosevelt Center, about the Modern Rite I wish to discuss the Foundational Rite of Freemasonry born as an utopian ideal in 1717, intended to mark a new direction in the movement towards a "Center of Union“.

The indisputable fact is that the emergence of the first Grand Lodge in 1717 represents a major reversal with respect to Masonic Operational tradition, and it meant the establishment of a new ritualistic 'form' that eventually created a first order ritualistic compendium especially when this new product passes through the melting pot of France and ' les Lumières '.

It was when the "Modern Rite" became a real tool for analyzing the Masonic reality and present it in certain forms that approach it in a different and unique way, while moving away from religious and esoteric issues, to which it had been  associated during much of its Insular history.

So the 'Modern Rite in France underwent a distinct and diverse evolution throughout the second half of the eighteenth century, but despite these influences and different practices, it does not change its principal appearance as a space of individual development and collective interaction that was intended to be free of fanaticism and intolerance, being a place built solely of the love of all that represents humanity, respecting their particularities, but agreeing on the need of a progress among all to a moral, ethical and intellectual development of mankind by exercising the responsibility of the free use of reason .

The need for a primary ritual tool in an emerging obedience such as the GODF led the Modern Rite to constitute itself in a specific form that the Masonic world identifies as  the 'Régulateur du Maçon'.

Subsequent political, ideological and social forces derailed the development of this unifying ritual, so the "Régulateur” lost importance due to not responding to the urgent needs created through contact with other Rites. In this long journey of ups and downs, monarchists, rationalists, among others, our rite lost the nickname of "modern" to become permanently, at least on the mainland, the French Rite, and as an authentic reference to practice and understand Freemasonry and  Masonic works.

In other places, the Modern Rite remained faithful to the original project that those first Brothers of GODF so clearly perceived in 1786, to create a homogeneous pattern and ritual that eventually was confirmed as  the "Modern Rite" and whose ultimate expression was its presence and development within organizations such as the Supreme Conselho do Rito Moderno - Brazil, where it has been in full effect for nearly 200 years.

On the other hand the need of being guardians of the inheritance of the "moderns" deriving from a basic “Center of Union”, locates us today, after nearly 300 years, in a different position in relation to the key point of the Masonic arch in "Centre of Unity".

We are aware that this has never been achieved whether in 1717 or today, given the Masonic organizational structures that have evolved according to individual needs and potentials, creating significant approaches but also serious estrangements despite working under a ritual similarity called Modern Rite by some and by others French Rite, and even by some conceptual acrobats, the French Modern Rite .

In this context of disunity  among the individuals who were drawn to the Modern Rite, by several varied forms, those variations being products of distance and also of ignorance, some brothers, being aware of this weakness, and therefore believers in the need for creating a Centre of Unity, and of course, to take responsibility for what we stand for as Masons, were led in the year 2011 to create the Universal Masonic Union of the Modern Rite (UMURM).

This Organization powered by the Supremo Conselho do Rito Moderno - Brazil, Primary Philosophical Organization of The Modern Rite, which I had the honor to chair, laid the necessary foundations for the Universal Masonic Union of Modern Rite, born not as a body but quite the contrary , as an open entity and willing to unite with all interested Philosophical Organizations of the Modern Rite, initiatically regular, respecting their independence and individual peculiarities, promoting a range of dynamics between them that allow growth and build knowledge on ritual, ethical, philosophical, and social levels.

In a changing and turbulent world we are sure that the values associated with our most popular Tri-partate motto Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, are valid, and that they need to be developed within our Chapters and Philosophical Organizations and presented to the outside world individually and collectively displaying our own Masonic responsibility for the implementation of study, analysis, and reason.

A full involvement in accord with achieving a more just and egalitarian society and a sensitive love of neighbors, and confident that human beings will experience constant growth as a result of this being shared with individuals of like mind.

The Universal Masonic Union of The Modern Rite (UMURM) therefore is not intended as a macro structure that seeks confrontation with other exisitng organizations nor to impose to specific positions on the organizations that constitute its membership, but simply from its moral authority emanated from their constituents bodies, aims to build bridges between those practitioners of the Orders of Wisdom in goodwill for who wish it, and thus, its objectives were expressed at the time of its foundation as follows:

1. Disseminate and promote the practice and customs of the Modern Rite.

2. Encourage interaction and harmony among its members in order to practice a truly Universal Freemasonry.

3. Be a plural forum for dialogue and exchange towards creating a true Center of Union regardless of territorial, obediential or rituals individualities.

4. Facilitate rapprochement between the Modern Rite Philosophical Bodies through mutual recognition without any discrimination.

5. Develop a process and source of communication between their joint bodies.

It advocates a tacit recognition of the Organization, and tools that allow both ritual and procedural excellence, in historical, educational and social contexts, in a truly universal framework.

We are experiencing a strong growth in the interest of our Rite, historically the oldest despite its name which was given at a time of ritual dissent by its opponents.

This growth, evident everywhere, but especially throughout the Americas, must have been also highlighted by the strong increase of interest it is generating in Africa. It should not surprise us that the sustainability of our principles generates this positive expectation.

Never before has the perfect balance of the Modern Rite between Tradition and Modernity been more evident and especially in the implementation of its commitment to humanity that each of its member assumes in a full and enthusiastic manner.

Finally, I wish to note that the Universal Masonic Union of The Modern Rite will continue openly, working tirelessly in an inclusive project that seeks to disseminate, publicize and implement our Rite anywhere on the planet to assist in achieving better human beings and a better society involved and aware of all that we have contracted in this important task regarding the inheritance that has been given to us irrespective of religious or esoteric preferences.

The "Modern Rite" in all its diversity and guidance from its inherent secularism and Masonic Universal Union of Modern Rite wish to form part of this Centre of Unity that every Mason should want, and especially to those who are relatives, by fondness and requirement of the Masonic utopia which originated in 1717.

I have spoken.

Los Angeles, March 22, 2014 .
Presented by José María Bonachi Batalla
President of UMURM- Universal Masonic Union of the Modern Rite

Friday, April 4, 2014

Modern Rite Patent issued for Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico

La Gran Logia Mixta de los Andes Ecuatoriales y el Sublime Consejo del Rito Moderno para el Ecuador invitan a los HH de Oaxaca de Juárez al acto de entrega de la Carta Patente para el inicio de sus trabajos que dará nuestro Cuerpo Masónico a la R:. L:. Maximilien de Robespierre No. 11, presidida por su Consejo Masónico.
De este modo inician regularmente los TTrab:. del Rito Moderno para este Or:..
Esté evento se realizará el día de mañana, sábado, 5 de abril del 2014, a las 19:00, en el PG indicado.

° ° °

The Mixed Grand Lodge of the Equatorial Andes and the Sublime Council for the Modern Rite Ecuador invite the brethren of Oaxaca City to the ceremony granting the Letter Patent for the start of its work with our Masonic Body to  R:. L:. Maximilien Robespierre No. 11, headed by their Masonic Council. 

Thus begins the Work in regularity of the Modern Rite for this Orient.

The event will be held tomorrow, Saturday, April 5, 2014, at 19:00.

Gracias a Olga Vallejo Rueda. .'.
Thanks to Olga Vallejo Rueda. .'.