Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Masonic Awareness Society of North America

Founded on 17 July 2014, The Masonic Awareness Society of North America, Inc. is a new nonprofit dedicated to goal of increasing awareness of the range of Masonic organizations in North America including feminine, mixed, and adogmatic (liberal).

For those seeking information, they hope you will find information that is accurate, non- judgmental, and useful. If you are just curious, this may be the right point of departure for you. If you are considering Freemasonry, this may be useful. If you are a Freemason, The Masonic Awareness Society hopes the information they share expands your knowledge and supports our collective journeys.

They are seeking Society members as well as individuals willing to assist in this work through volunteering to assist or providing other support. Over time, for those participating, they hope to increase the feeling of universality, celebrate individual and group work (art, crafts, articles, books and other creative expression), to meet each other in public or virtual spaces (such as Facebook) and to provide opportunities to increase awareness across North America of the value and diversity of Freemasonry.
While a website is under construction, they may be contacted through their Facebook page linked below:

Click here to visit The Masonic Awareness Society of North America's Facebook Page!