Sunday, May 26, 2019

Brother Karen tells it like it is!

It is so rare that someone comes along and writes something refreshing about Freemasonry. It is even more rare that someone is willing to actually speak the truth. That is of course what has always appealed to me about Brother Karen Kidd. She's not only smarter than your average mason, but when she gets some foolishness in her sight, she speaks the truth.

One aspect of Freemasonry that is stressed in all the literature on the Craft is that Freemasons are supposed to maintain the highest standards of behavior and character. None of that seems to apply to any Freemason who is a member of a Masonic Obedience that is not recognized by their own, however.

I have yet to see any "irregular" who took his or her Masonic vows seriously, who didn't show respect toward the overwhelming majority of different obediences. So, it is continuously tiring not to mention disappointing that so many who have initiated into the fraternity are so immature in this matter.

What a breath of fresh air then, when Brother Karen speaks what many of us in the rest of Freemasonry are thinking.

So, without further ado:

Shite the Malecraft say and how I answer when I'm bothered about it.

That pretty much sums it all up! Thank you Karen for telling it like it is, and I'm sorry it took me a couple of months to post this.