Wednesday, June 23, 2021

2nd Anniversary of the Letter of Porto

 JUNE 23, 2021

Second Anniversary of the "Letter of Porto" and of the 2nd International Academic Congress of the Modern Rite / French Rite

Today is the Second Anniversary of the preparation and signing of the "Letter of Porto" emanating from the 2nd International Academic Congress of Modern Rite - French Rite held on June 21, 22 and 23, 2019 with the logistical collaboration of the Sovereign Grand Chapter of Cavaleiros Rosa-Cruz of Portugal and of the UMURM (International Masonic Union of the Modern Rite) being open to all Masonic Powers.

This event was warmly welcomed by the Host and Co-Director of the Congress, the Very Illustrious Brother Belmiro de Sousa, Very Wise and Perfect Grand Venerable of the Sovereign Grand Chapter of Cavaleiros Rosa-Cruz of Portugal. Said act counted as Director of the Congress with Brother Joaquim Villalta (President of the International Academy of the Vª Order) and as Academic Director with Brother Víctor Guerra (President of the Circle of Studies of the Modern and French Rite “Roëttiers de Montaleau”), who were in charge of declaring it open, held at the Losófona University of Porto.

The congress had some extraordinary quality presentations covering such diverse fields, but at the same time intertwined, such as the historical, the symbolic, the sociological and obviously the reflective one on the evolution and prospective of the Modern Rite - French Rite whose values ​​remain in full force 21st century and that must be at the height of a free society tending to an ethical, moral, egalitarian and respectful improvement with the future of all humanity. Likewise, we had the pleasure of enjoying artistic musical interpretations, which interludes of pure gold, in charge of first-rate lyrical voices, reflected a careful organization in detail.

The presence of Illustrious Brothers and Sisters such as Jean-Pierre Duhal, Luigi Sorrento, Antonio Fonseca, Fabrizio Frigerio, Claudie Sorrento, Eric Decanis, Belmiro de Sousa, Rui Alburqueque, Olga Vallejo and Víctor Guerra, among other of the most relevant referential personalities of the French Rite / Modern Rite worldwide made their exhibitions and interventions of the highest level highly valued by some attendees who prevailed the reigning Masonic quality.

The Letter of Porto 2019 signed as the culmination of this Congress of Modern Rite - French Rite by members of the Vth Order from different countries and Masonic Powers, to which other Very Illustrious Brothers adhered whose physical presence was not possible for various reasons beyond their control. will, brings together the essence and the procedural framework that is still in full force. We remember with great gratitude the welcome of the hosts, the historical Sovereign Grand Chapter of Cavaleiros Rosa-Cruz of Portugal, of 1804, who appointed some of us Honorary Members of their Masonic Power, which flooded us with a feeling of infinite joy and healthy pride, aware that the Modern Rite - French Rite is very much alive and present in various continents, committed to working as a Union Center and a model of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, since it is the Universal heritage and property of all the Masonic faithful to the highest values ​​of the Order, above acronyms, cases or crude messianic attitudes that claim to be the sole guarantors.

This rich Masonic experience and experience of ethical-moral and intellectual growth, despite the pandemic that has hit the planet, generated an unstoppable push of constructive synergies, which has led us to successfully probe different methods of progress and interaction, and that It has given fruitful results on the Masonological level, and relational at all levels. With absolute certainty, we will soon begin to design and coordinate all the procedures leading up to our next meeting since the values ​​of the aforementioned "Charter of Porto" remain intact and its content is a radiant beacon and an example to be followed by its universal values ​​that all of us seek to emulate.

Joaquim Villalta, Vª Orden, Gr. ·. 9.
Director of the International Academy of the Vth Order - UMURM
Joaquim Villalta at 7:46 p. m.