Sunday, July 28, 2019

Dreaming and Espiritismo

Long before I knew what Espiritismo was, or had any interest in it, I was a dreamer. I still am. I can in fact recall the time when my dreams decided to initiate me into another world in earnest. That marked my first glimmer of awareness of something more.

I was about 9 years old, and had gone through several days of illness. It wasn't the first time, nor the last. It was however the occasion in which my dreams were carried to a new level. 

At that time, largely bedridden, and with a touch of fever which at least seemed to spike the intensity of the dreams, I embarked on a series of dreams that took me from familiar places to underground worlds and Oz-like scenes of wonder and adventure. It was then that I first experienced solo flight (without any mechanical assistance) and serial dreams which resumed night after night.

Dreams have, a half century later never deserted me. They remain the method by which, despite initiations into various religious and magical traditions, and study of various forms of divination, spirit communicates with me in ways I find most satisfying. 

In dreams, both at night and while awake, the spirits that walk with me communicate, often at length. Spirits have come to teach as well. There was an old Congo who taught me in front of his nkisi on the floor, a class I attended on literal shape shifting (which still requires discipline at the dinner table in waking life) and a woman in a business suit who came to teach me how to throw bones. Dreaming is for me, and for many who practice Espiritismo and Bantu religions, the most consistant means of communion with spirit. 

As one of my spirits remarked once, "When we descend in possession, we visit your world, but when you dream, you visit ours."

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

IN IT TO WIN IT: Olga Ballard's Cancer Fundraiser

Help Olga Ballard fight Stage III Breast Cancer

Olga has lived in the United States for 20 years, having moved here from Cuba to marry her husband Eoghan, an Irish-American whom she met when he was doing research for his degree in Cuba in the 1990s. Over the years they covered the expenses for her parent’s health care during their final illnessses back in Cuba, including her mother’s cancer. As a result, when Olga was diagnosed with Stage III ductal carcinoma, we were not in the financial condition that we were previously.

Having had a lumpectomy for a benign tumor several years earlier, when Olga felt a soreness in her breast again, she did not wait to be examined. The initial results indicated there was no sign of cancer, but the soreness returned. Yet another test showed nothing. However, this spring, suddenly her breast developed a persistent red swelling. This time testing indicated stage III invasive ductal carcinoma.

The Challenges and Changes of Breast Cancer

 Olga has had to put her school on hold while she gets treatment, and is grateful that the medical office in which she works has been incredibly supportive, otherwise she could not manage. Eoghan is working part time so he can be available to support Olga during her chemo sections and doctor’s visits. The insurance that covers her treatments is dependent upon her ability to continue working. Having moved on with Cuban family, has helped to make costs a little more manageable.

While the initial news is extremely encouraging, more funds than we have hope of earning at this time will be needed. Between costly chemotherapy and related treatment, expected radical mastectomy for both breasts and reconstructive surgery, also a total hysterectomy, there will be no savings to turn to for any reason, expected or otherwise. For all these reasons, a Go Fund Me campaign seemed the only choice, and all recommended this course of action.

Our Appeal

We are asking for the generosity of friends and strangers alike. This is something that can happen to anyone, and it doesn’t take into consideration your ability to pay for it, and medical bills aren’t prorated.

Please contribute financially what you can whether small or large. All funds are going toward Olga’s treatment, recovery, and related costs. Olga and Eoghan thank you in advance for any help you offer. We assure you that without you, we will find it more challenging. All the encouragement and support have helped, and we are touched. However, we reluctantly ask for this help.

Click Here To Contribute To Olga Ballard's Fundraiser