Sunday, October 28, 2012

Plea for Assistance from Our Cuban Brethren

La ciudad de Santiago de Cuba, Palma Soriano, Contramaestre, Mayarí, Mella, Bagüanos, Sagua de Tánamo, San Luis, el Cristo, Banes y otros Municipios Orientales se encuentran como zonas que bien pueden ser declaradas Zonas de desastre, debiéndose enviárseles todo tipo de recursos para ayudarles a palear este desastroso daño ,material que moral y sicológicamente los afecta.

La Gran Logia de Cuba debe dejar momentáneamente  su odio a los masones que se han separado y unirse a ellos para solicitarles al Primer mandatario de la nación, que mediante un decreto especial se libere, las entradas de la aduana para hacerles llegar ayuda alimentaria, en materiales de construcción, en ropas y útiles para el hogar de los damnificados por este huracán Sandy.


Enviemos telegramas al Presidente  de Cuba y a la Gran Logia de Cuba desde cuba y desde el exterior, solicitando esta solidaridad.

(Tubalkain.- Abimelec Casard.-El Tejador.-Attaché.- Yucayo.-Tobías.- Mason Cubano)
Habana, Miami, Orlando,  vía telefónica- 2012-10-28- 06.00 am.    

The city of Santiago de Cuba, Palma Soriano, Petty, Mayari, Mella, Baguanos, Sagua de Tánamo, San Luis, the Christ, Eastern Townships Banes and other areas are as well have been declared disaster areas, please send to them any resources to help repair this disastrous damage, moral and material that affects them psychologically.

The Grand Lodge of Cuba must let go of their hatred momentarily for Masons who have split and join them to ask the president of the nation, by special decree to release permission for customs entries for them to get food aid in construction materials, clothing and other useful materials to the homes of the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

In our Cuban brothers We must assist those that currently are in need.
We must show support for our Cuban brothers.
Send telegrams to the President of Cuba and the Grand Lodge of Cuba from Cuba and from abroad, supporting this solidarity.

(Tubalkain. - Abimelech Casard.-The-Tejador. Attaché. - Tobias Yucayo.. - Mason Cuban)
Havana, Miami, Orlando, telephone-28.10.2012 - 06.00 am.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dr. Bunseki Fu-Kiau: A Great Scholar and Spiritual Leader

Dr. Bunseki Fu-Kiau, of the Congo, a great figure in African Spiritual Traditions, a scholar, and one if not the last initiate into the Lemba, a great Bakongo Ngoma or healing cult that functioned from 1650–1930 is nearly his final passage from our world. Lemba was one of the major inspirations for many of the Afro-diasporic traditions, existing in a creole form by that name in Northern Haiti until today, the foundation of Lemba lineages in Cuban Congo traditions, and within Candomblé de Angola and Candomblé de Congo in Cuba. Dr. Fu-kiau, a much under-estimated scholar was an articulate voice seeking to share his understandings of Congo spirituality in the west. He has been given two-four weeks by the doctors. Please contribute to the effort to give him a proper send off and to return him to his homeland after his transition. Many thanks.
Please take time to read the poster reproduced here and visit the website set up at

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The GLIF: from the ashes of the GLNF

The lengthy collapse of the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF) has brought a number of suitors, you know the story,  "The king is dead, long live the king."

There are always candidates and the cake looks sweet because of the debris left by the collapse of the GLNF. Obedience after Oberdience emerge like mushrooms or fungi.... Hurrying into the symbolic blue fishing lake, but the question that is happening in the "red pond" or with all the scattered remnants after the collapse of the GLNF, I am referring to the high degrees and orders of Wisdom. That we are not hearing anything about, not a single mention. I wonder what is happening to the troops composing the High Grades that thick and interesting troop ..

Consideration should be given to what Jean-Laurent Turbet states, the "greedy" desire for recognition from the United Grand Lodge of England, whose umbrella all of them seek.

For the moment we must be content with the information you provide us Brother Jean-Laurent Turbet in Blog and Notes, and that is our guide when it comes to follow the evolution of "regular" French Freemasonry in this "affaire" of the GLNF

Victor Guerra

Wednesday October 24, 2012

The GLIF: a new French Masonic obedience arising from GLNF.

In addition to the Grand Lodge of the Masonic Alliance Française (GL-AMF) and the Grand Lodge Traditional French (GLTF) j a new obedience created by brothers from the French National Grand Lodge as arisen.

This new obedience, created in late September 2012, is being called the Independent Grand Lodge of France (GLIF).

This is the statement that the founders of this new obedience have published:

"Fearing the likely withdrawal of" recognition "of the obedience to which they belong,  recognized by the chain universal Masonic Grand Lodges, a group of Freemasons of this obedience have been meeting since 2011, in their status as regular Masons, in order to explore solutions that would restore as soon as possible, if it becomes necessary, "recognition".

If the proposed creation of a Grand Lodge, in response, was completed in the spring of 2012, the group of "Founding Fathers", with constant concern for the legitimacy and regularity of origin, and the refusal to participate in the fragmentation of French Freemasonry, would refrain from proclaiming himself as Grand Lodge endowed by default with a structure of government.

They waited, to declare the creation of this new Grand Lodge having feared that the withdrawal of recognition has been applied effectively, they have defined a working framework, which had been to officially invite to participate in this new context, the petitioners lodges in total freedom to create a Grand Lodge, and to seek the recognition of regular Grand Lodges of the world.

Welcoming the initiative of the European Grand Lodges to come to the aid of the French brothers to support the rebuilding of a regular, recognized Freemasonry in France, and in accordance with the work plan defined in the Declaration of Basel (Basel 10-06 - 2012), confirmed by the Bill of Berlin (28.07.2012), the creation of the Independent Grand Lodge of France (GLIF) is officially announced on September 25, 2012, affirming its full commitment to the process of restructuring.

The Independent Grand Lodge of France is a society of Masonic lodges and union of regular brothers under the rule of the 8 points of the "Basic Principles of 1929"
(Opening of the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe, which is God, the Bible, square and compass open lodges, male membership, respecting the immemorial customs, etc.) common to all regular Masonic lodges in the world .

It is organized under the Law on Associations of 1901, which gathers lodges were constituted themselves into associations of the same type, their own financial resources.

These lodges are unified and form an integral part, for recognition by the universal Masonic Order belonging to the Grand Lodge Independent French, through letters waged by the Grand Master and his commitment to respect the Constitution, they are allowed to exercise the privileges granted by the recognition because of GLIF.

The GLIF is sovereign for the craft degrees (Craft) in ceremonial rites except the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

The objective now is to recover as quickly as possible for its brothers, the recognition of universal Masonic chain of Grand Lodges recognized as such and to arrange a timetable of meetings with national and international parties interested. "

These five Grand Lodges, in effect, had applied to the Grand Lodge of France in charge of organizing the restructuring under the direction of French Masonic landscape. It is in this context that the Independent Grand Lodge of France has been officially received by the Grand Lodge of France not long ago.

The Grand Lodge of France, indeed, reminded all members in a circular of 14 September 2012:
"The Grand Lodge of France recalled that proceeding as voted in the Convent, any relationship to hold in France should be exclusively between French obediences brothers.
In that perspective, the Grand Lodge of France invites now all registered obediences in respect to landmarks, to explore with her the possible evolutionary pathways.

The Grand Lodge of France also invited and without exception, the structures already created or to be created and the brothers coming from the GLNF to participate in this new work. "

It is exactly in this way and with that perspective, which is the current Independent Grand Lodge of France in accordance with the Grand Lodge of France, since the GLIF is "sovereign for grades craft (craft)" in all except ceremonial rites the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite ..."

Welcome GLIF then the landscape in full Masonic French recomposition.

Gracias a Victor Guerra y sus innumerables blogs para este noticia.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

GLBTS Masonic Obedience Established in Brazil

North Americans are known for liking their Freemasonry antiquated and perhaps a bit stodgy. They still object to Obediences they define by that chimeric and impossible to define term "irregular." They have no idea what is coming over the horizon! Most object to women and people of color in their lodges. Oh, that which is born this month in Brazil is slumping like a Yeats' poem to a Masonic Lodge near you. It is a Brave New World. I am not offering any personal opinions here. I am merely reporting the next big change in the world of Freemasonry. I'm certain it will turn heads, and the crowd who find denial the most comfortable lifestyle will object, but it is the logical conclusion of the universal equality preached and so rarely practiced in our craft. I summarize below an article by Eduardo Carvalho, dated October 18, 2012, found on the Brazilian uhnews website. The link to the Portuguese original is listed at the bottom of this post along with the video associated with the article on the original site.

New world order: New Power Masonic aimed at Shemales, Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and Evangelicals  and Afro-Brazilian Religious, will be inaugurated in Campo Grande, signs of modernity and democracy.

After a tumultuous meeting last week, members of dissidents GLUMS (United Grand Lodge South American)  decided to abandon their obedience, merely for not agreeing with the undemocratic process employed by some of its members. In a heroic act insurgents abandoned the Lodge called Light Workers No. 18, where about thirty workers performed the Masonic work, and united with one purpose, are founding a new Obedience.
The new order will approve innovations  in membership eligibility to permit female lodges, mixed lodges and more innovative yet,  to create a lodge geared primarily to gays, lesbians, and supporters, and even one for Transvestites.
These lodges will work AASR rituals. According to one of the founders, the Honorable Brother João Rafael Florindo, was emphatic that this joint effort will follow the laws of Universal Freemasonry.
'' The proceedings of initiation is the same, the rules of good living, and all that exists in other powers of masonry for new members."
"A unique and vital difference is that through all being brothers, we must strictly follow our Constitution, and extend it to all others as entitled under the law. Why would a woman, a gay, a transvestite, a or a lesbian not be entitled to become a Freemason?
"We should be egalitarian in our way of acting and in our treatment of our fellow human beings, regardless of their choices of live style.  Another important point is that with this opening, gay evangelicals, evangelical lesbians as well as other religious followers such as Babalorixás are welcome."

Click here Full Article by Eduardo Carvalho in Portuguese

Yon apèl nan aksyon ESPIRITYÈL!

Istwa se yon seri de konekte evènman ki lakòz yo moman sengilye ak siyifikativman enpòtan nan tan. Libète Ayiti a se vre rezilta a nan yon seri de konekte evènman, kèk plis remakab pase lòt moun.

Si memwa sèvi yo kòrèkteman, li te "seremoni Bois kaiman a" ki finalman ak byen fèm te plante grenn yo pou libète tou de nan tanporèl a kòm byen ke espirityèl sans. Men, li se ironik ke anpil panse a Vodou kòm yon "relijyon desantralize ak organize."

Malgre ke nou pa ka rejte lit yo ki te pran plas anvan ak apre Bois kaiman, li te nan Bois kaiman ki ayisyen frè ak sè yo te jwenn objektif nan inite, bi nan konfyans ak nan realizasyon nan ultim nan pwomès la pou libète pa konekte ak move lespri Zansèt.Nou nou an.

Avèk chanjman yo ki Lwa ayisyen, Vodou se anba atak ankò! Nou te wè rapò sa yo, te tande nan manifestasyon yo ak gen menm yon petisyon yo te sikile sou entènèt la, ki se yon inisyativ gwo pa frè ak sè nou. Sa a se yon apèl nan yon "ekleraj" inivèsèl sou li a, 1 NOVANM 2012 ant 7-8 AM EST pou pwoteksyon an nan Vodou an Ayiti.

Entansyon an se pa, epi pa janm yo pral, yo pote mal nan moun ki ta vle retire dwa nou an, men yo mennen yo nan limyè a epi enspire yo nan pwoteje libète relijyon nou an.

Sa a rele ale soti nan tout Vodouisant atravè glòb lan. Moun sa yo ki nan nou fèt soti nan Ayiti, ki moun ki menm yo pa moun zansèt ayisyen, kite l ap li te ye ke jodi a ou yo! Lè ou reponn apèl la nan move lespri yo li pase bra Vodou, ou pa sèlman eritye move lespri yo, men ou intrinsèquement te vin fè pati istwa ayisyen ak chanpyon nan prezèvasyon nan kilti nou yo ak pratik zansèt.

Se konsa, soti isit la tout kwen nan planèt sa a, tanpri, rantre nan nou sou 1ye novanm. Se pou nou rele sou zansèt nou epi sonje Bois kaiman! Gaye pawòl la nan chak kay, chak blog, chak manbo, Ougan, ak tout moun ki ap sèvi yo. Rele sou moun ki te resamman te pase! Se pou nou tout y'ap rele nan pye AYIBOBO sou 1ye novanm, ak nan mitan lannwit .... kite nou vle di li.

Siyen - La Fanmi Zanset

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dry or Rye? Masons and libations

We all know we do it. Masons drink. Most likely, few drink to excess. I doubt that any have a reputation for drunkenness, unless they're members of the Sh... no, we won't go there. I do think we need to address the topic with a bit of rye humor, though (pun intended).

After all, the earliest records we have of Freemasonry, masons held their meetings in pubs. Well, they were no fools. We all know why the North American Freemasons, who so devoutly cling to the moniker of regularity while being so much the exception to masonic practice in the rest of the world, by and large host dry lodges. It's not as if the treasurer's reports were not dry enough, and these days so full of bad news. That bizarre experiment that the United States attempted in the earlier years of the previous century, called prohibition, must have had something to do with this peculiar twist of fate.

I'm not posting today with any intention of serious comment, and so I hope all of the above can be taken in the good humidor with which it is intended. As I was saying, before I so rudely interrupted myself, Masons are known to like their scotch, their cigars, and their beer, myself included. So, I thought it might be nice to take a look at some peraphernalia associated with both libations and masonry. No, we're not going to discuss the unique institution known as the wet lodge, not to be confused with the sweat lodge, but we are going to take a brief glance at some lovely examples of beer, scotch, a cigarbox label, bottles, etc. with no redeeming educational value beyond nostalgic aesthetics. It's well earned.

Why now? For no other reason than that a friend posted a label of a new Brazilian beer that caught my attention. It had obvious Masonic symbolism in it, and ironically, I doubt the person who sent it to me even realized this.

I believe it entertaining as well as informative, although I will leave drawing conclusions to the reader, to examine how the symbols of Freemasonry have been sometimes quite liberally applied to commercial products. I am passing no judgement here. I quite frankly enjoy them, and while I suspect the collection of rings, patches, car stickers, lighters, bottle openers and the like are more a North American obsession than a European one, I have to a very small degree, indulged in this vice myself. But then, symbolism and art are a very significant part of what drew me to Freemasonry in the first place. So I make no apology for this habit. It has not gotten so consuming that my wife complains. She saves her complaints for when she sees a new book arrive for the 10th time in a month.

This is a decidedly random collection of images, and I may follow up at some point with a more organized look at the subject to atone for the careless way in which I approached this fascinating topic. I am in the midst of a number of other projects and really wanted to indulge in some entertaining shuffling through images while putting off much more serious responsibilities for this afternoon. I hope this is enjoyable and makes people think about the impact of Freemasonry on all the arts, from the high and serious to the low and frivolous. This peek was unquestionably more the later than the former.  So, here were are. I have no more to say on this topic today, which deserves serious artistic and historical commentary, beyond saying, "It's the weekend, bottoms up!" Huzza Huzza Huzza.

Friday, October 12, 2012

A New Blog Dedicated to the Work of a Single Masonic Scholar

Today, the Spanish Masonic Scholar Victor Guerra has created a new Masonic Blog dedicated to exploring the work of his colleague and friend, the late Charles Porset.

This is unique not only because of the personal nature of the endeavor, but also because Charles Porset was a prolific if under-recognized scholar on the French Rite. I am providing a translation of the first post, followed by a link to the original.  My interest is multifaceted. To begin with, the blog is written by a scholar I am pleased to call a friend and colleague, as well as a brother. Beyond that, I believe that we in North America are woefully unaware of the depth and quality of modern scholarship that exists in languages other than English. As long as we remain benighted, we will be the poorer for our provincialism and ignorance. It is well worth the effort, and most North American masons will be amazed by the volume of his work.


Who ... and why Charles Porset?

Picture taken in Bordeaux
Actually of some individuals related to Freemasonry, little is known, information about them is sparse and one of the most significant of these Brothers is Charles Porset, although personally I think in this case we know little of Porset's curriculum is because most likely nobody asked it of him, since it has never isolated what was Masonic from what was secular.

We know he was born in Bordeaux in 1944, and that of his family was Spanish, with origins in Granada and the Basque country, talking to him about this issue we conclude that perhaps the Porset, were part of those groups of skilled workers who went to Spain attracted by the good opportunities there for the XIX century, for technicians and skilled workers in glass, crockery, etc ... A few months ago we left him in his path to the Eternal East.

Of Charles Porset I can say that he was also founder of the Leonard de Vinci Lodge , located on Rue Cadet, headquarters of the Grand Orient of France . He was the first Venerable of the Lodge, its Honorary Venerable ... and his stature in Freemasonry Masonic was related to his reading of the book by Fred Zeller "Trois Points, c'est tout "   which was published in  Éditions Robert Laffont   in 1976, at that time Porset was 32.

At certain times of my life I have had an intense Masonic contact with him, but those relationships were a little like the Guadiana river, reappearing and disappearing rapidly.. I knew him to be a new Apprentice back in 1988 in Segovia ... and urged him to give me the keys to enter bag and baggage into the GODF, when we already had one foot out the GLSE .. then I went stumbling in various places .... when death stalked him he became very present, sending all kinds of files, jokes, music, and classical ppt, on multiple topics.

Victor Guerra
Today this new platform is opened to recover the memory of a Brother Mason, combative as he alone could be, caustic and very voltairesque, which in French Masonry was well known as it was among academics, but largely unknown in other territories such as Spain, This work seeks to publicize his work and thought, a rationalist Masonic thought, free from clichés and perks, which stripped the Masons to take her to the first moments of the birth of this modern, simple Masonic practice which is very common sensical, and therefore distant from the structures that today imprison much of the Masonic world.

This attempt to make Charles Porset familiar to the public, will surely not be liked in certain circles, where it will be viewed as a theft of his memory. That is a matter far from the intentions of the editor who simply desires to raise awareness of the work of Charles Porset. This is difficult and complex work  which attempts to compile and document the work of the General Grand Chapter of GODF and work of his widow, Jeanne Pagiusco. Work to Think!

 That is the intention in creating these pages on the work of an important thinker like Charles Porset.

Victor  Guerra

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2nd International Meeting of Mixed Grand Lodges

II International Meeting of 
Grand Lodges - 25, 26 and 27 October 2012 

Cordoba - Argentina

The Symbolic Royal Grand Lodge of Argentina, through its Most Worshipful Grand Master, is pleased to invite you to the Second International Meeting of Joint Grand Lodges, which is sponsored by the Great 
Hermetic Diet in the city of Córdoba (Argentina), between 25 and 27 October 2012.

The meeting will have a fraternal character, while open to the whole society, with the intention of showing the commitment of the Masons, towards improving the social structure of the whole world.

II° Encuentro Internacional de Grandes Logias Mixtas – 25, 26 y 27 de octubre 2012 Córdoba – República Argentina
La Real Gran Logia Simbólica Argentina, a través de su Muy Respetable Gran Maestre, tiene el agrado de invitaros al II° Encuentro Internacional de Grandes Logias Mixtas, que con el auspicio de la Gran Dieta Hermética Mixta Internacional, realizaremos en la ciudad de Córdoba (Argentina), entre los días 25 y 27 de octubre de 2012.
El encuentro tendrá carácter fraternal, a la vez que abierto a la Sociedad toda, con la intención de mostrar el compromiso de los masones, en pos de mejorar el Edificio Social de todo el Orbe.
La Masonería es la Sociedad fraterna más antigua de la Historia, y aunque por convención se dice que nació en 1717, sus verdaderos orígenes se pierden en la noche de los tiempos. Por ella pasaron las mentes más ilustres en la Historia de la Humanidad, y en sus Talleres de pensamiento, se formaron hombres y mujeres que dejarían una profunda huella en la evolución humana.
Cronograma de eventos
- Jueves 25: 10:00 Recepción de Autoridades y visitantes en sede de la Gran Logia. Acreditación. 13:00 Almuerzo fraterno. 18:00 Tenida hermética en 1er. Grado.
- Viernes 26: 10:00 Colocación de ofrenda floral al Libertador Gral. José de San Martín, Palabras alusivas. 11:00 Recorrido del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de Córdoba. 19:00 Conferencia conjunta a cargo de expositores de las distintas delegaciones.
Salón de Convenciones Shopping Garden – Corrientes 161
- Sábado 27: 11:00 Conferencia de Prensa y Lunch – Oficinas de la Gran Logia 15:00 Reunión de Grados Capitulares 19:00 Tenida hermética de cierre. 21:00 Ágape fraterno y despedida de delegaciones.Las confirmaciones de vuestra presencia, en este Magno Congreso de la Masonería a desarrollarse en Argentina, deberán hacerse a alguno (o todos) de los siguientes correos:
- - -
Se solicita que como datos mínimos, nos remitan los siguientes:

Nombre de la Logia u Obediencia: 

Rito en el que trabajan: 

Ciudad y País de origen: 

Cantidad de miembros de la delegación:  

Nombre de la Autoridad que encabeza la delegación:  

Tema que desean exponer en Conferencia: 

Reservas hoteleras
Aquellos visitantes que deseen hacer reservas hoteleras en forma anticipada, pueden seguir las instrucciones que se dan a continuación. Los precios de estadía en hoteles de 2 a 5 estrellas, varían entre $ 679.48 y $ 2150.87 por tres días, en habitación de base doble. Hablamos de pesos argentinos.
Para hacer las reservas, deberéis ingresar al link siguiente, en donde se pueden ver los 54 principales hoteles de Córdoba. Desde esta página, pueden realizar reservas on-line o por teléfono. Sugerimos copiar la siguiente dirección web, y pegarla en el navegador: 983417&
Esperamos vuestra presencia, que hará mucho más digno este encuentro de Hermanos, reunidos bajo el signo de la escuadra y el compás.
Estáis fraternalmente invitados. 

A 03 días de mayo de 2012 E. ̇.V. ̇. S. ̇. F. ̇.U. ̇.

Gran Secretaría
Gran Logia Simbólica Argentina

Friday, October 5, 2012

Reorganization of the UMURM

Announcement of the Reorganization of the UMURM
Union Masonica Universal Rito Moderno or  The Universal Masonic Union of the Modern Rite

Desde el 1 de octubre de 2012 la UMURM se ha reorganizado en sus potencias rectoras, quedando la relación directiva siguiente:

Supremo Conselho do Rito Moderno - Brasil
Gran Capítulo General del Gran Oriente de Colombia
Sublime Consejo del Rito Moderno para el Ecuador
Grand Chapter General of the Modern Rite for North America and the Caribbean

De este modo quedan establecidas las relaciones y acciones masónicas constructivas que abarcan los Orientes del Brasil, Ecuador, Colombia, USA, Cuba, México y España entre otros.

From the 1st of October, 2012 the UMURM has reorganized and its current structure is as follows:

The Supreme Council of the Modern Rite - Brazil
Grand Chapter General of the Grand Orient of Colombia
Supreme Council of the Modern Rite of Ecuador
Grand Chapter General of the Modern Rite for North America and the Caribbean

Thus the relationships and organizational structures are established for the Modern Rite Masonic Orients for Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, USA, Cuba, Mexico and Spain among others.