Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Mysterious Realities from the Imaginal Realm

From time to time I do post on subjects not directly related to Freemasonry on the Hedge Mason. This is sort of, almost, maybe one of those occasions.

I put it in those terms because, while I recall no reference either direct or implied regarding Freemasonry in this book, and to my knowledge the author is not a mason, though I'm fairly certain he knows that I am, (we've never gotten into a discussion on the craft), to me the subject of dreaming is related.

While Masons will staunchly insist that Freemasonry isn't a religion, and it certainly doesn't try to be, it is a path that leabs many to spiritual awareness. I also have in my own approach to study both within a masonic context and without, have utilized dreams for spiritual development most of my life.

So, while clarifying, neither this author nor this book is intentionally or unintentionally associated with Freemasonry, it is one that I strongly and eagerly recommend to both mason and non-mason alike. Below you will find my brief review of the book. It is currently available for Kindle and the hard copy will follow:

In all of the books Robert Moss has artfully delivered on dreams, he shares some amazing locales beyond the ordinary world. This book is no exception. His description of the costume dept for spirit guides in the moon café and half-armored police with the heads of hounds patroling the seedy neighborhoods, represent only the preface to some amazing worlds.

As Robert Moss warns us, "words have the power to call things...and bring creatures from one world into another," and here he has done that masterfully.

Here is a great collection of short stories. You will encounter good fiction, wonderful snippits of fantasy,  except...you shouldn't read this as fantasy. It's a traveler's guide to the countries you visit in dream, "for those who always go beyond the roadmaps." 

Go beyond them; Professor Moss does. This is no light, New Age dip into the shallow end of the dream pool. We meet magicians - the real kind, daimons, and not a few spirits that may qualify as demons, if not of the rich, certainly of the famous. We are taken by a master storyteller into the realms of our psyches; into realms that Yeats, Einstein, Jung, and Eliade knew to be real, and sometimes terrifying.

In this book, Robert Moss goes far beyond his previous voyages into dreaming. He in essence takes off his gloves, imparting not only the magic of dream worlds and the multiple universes in which they reside, but the roadmaps with which to reach them.

As we all will admit when we're truly being honest with ourselves, the worlds we dream in are more real than not. This book is an inspiring trip through dreamland. Book your ticket today, if you dare.

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