Saturday, June 1, 2019

Afro-Masonry of the Primitive Rite of Umbanda

Sovereign Sanctuary of Brazilian Afro-Masonry

The Afro-Masonry of the Primitive Rite of Umbanda can be defined as an Occult, Real and Living Spiritually Operative Initiation.

It should be Understood that the term Hidden Order is meant to describe a discreet Order, one that does not practice proselytism;
The term occultism refers to the study of the Occult sciences, especially African traditions.

The real and living spiritual operative initiation is the first objective of the order, which focuses on the quality of its members over quantity. We do not propagate honors, merits or ostentatious titles. On the contrary, we promote the spirit of humility that opposes the exaltation of the ego and human vanity. 

The first work of the initiate in the Order is the polishing of the Rough Ashlar, transmuting the Seven Vices or Sins into their corresponding Seven Virtues.

The Primitivo Rito Umbandista is a helio-lunar rite, that is, we accept in our ranks men and women who are noble, of good manners and who yearn for true and real initiation, which brings tangible results in their lives and enables their reintegration into the spiritual world - the heart of the omnipresent.

Afro-Freemasonry was drafted in the 1980s by Umbandistas, who were initiated in Western Traditions, such as Freemasonry, Rosa + Cruz, Martinism, the Gnostic Church, OKRC, Elus Cohen, etc. However, due to the prejudice at the time regarding Afro-Brazilian traditions, especially Umbanda and Candomblé, this project did not advance, remaining guarded and preserved until the best moment to return to light and be implanted in Brazilian lands, under order and direct guardianship of the astral.

It was on September 9, 2017, at Senzala, in the East of Guarulhos, SP, at 3:30 p.m., that NOVE brothers performed the installation of the Brazilian Afro-Masonry of the Rito Primitivo Umbandista, where under the direct supervision of the Astral, the Caboclo Ventania and Vovo Benedito da Calunga made manifest in the center of the temple, under the steadfastness of the seven Orixás, the marked point of strength and protection of the Lodge, which was named after its patron, protector and august spiritual mentor, the Respectable Masonic Lodge "CABOCLO VENTANIA" nº 01.

Not coincidentally that same day, month, year and hour, as well as number of brothers demonstrates the harmony and synchronicity of the astral in this memorable event.

Day Nine - (9)
Month September - (9)
Nine Brothers - (9)
Fifteen hours and thirty minutes - (15:30 = 1 + 5 + 3 + 0 = 9)
Year of Two Thousand and Seventeen - (2017 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 or 1)

The Nine is the number of true initiation, it is the Hermit of the Tarot which guides with the lamp of his wisdom;
The number TEN or UM represents the beginning, it is the IOD, it is the Tarot Magician that connects the top to the bottom. Because the theosophical sum results in the number DEZ, this represents the beginning of a second cycle, since the beginning of the first cycle is represented by the number ONE. Therefore it is a new cycle, which in the Tarot is represented by the blade 10, the Wheel.

Further explanations on Tarot, Kabbalistic numerology and other occult sciences, which explain the advent of Afro-Freemasonry, will be taught and developed within the Order.