Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Grand Orient of Ireland

The Grand Orient of Ireland is an organization, which is motivated by two great principles: the respect for a tradition inherited from the founders of freemasonry and enlightenment and the search for progress for the improvement of Men and Society.

Being an Institution essentially philanthropic, philosophic, and progressive, Freemasonry has for its object, search after truth, study of universal morality, science and arts, and the practice of benevolence.

It has for its principles absolute liberty of conscience and human solidarity. It excludes no person on account of his belief, and its motto is 'Liberty, Equality and Fraternity."

Our lodges are open, liberal and adogmatic.

The Grand Orient Masons resent the accusation that they promulgated unbelief and atheism. The Grand Orient of Ireland, while it respects all philosophical beliefs, insists upon absolute liberty of belief. This does not mean that we banish from our lodges the belief in God. The United Grand Lodge of England, Grand Lodge of Scotland and Ireland on the contrary desire to make a belief in God compulsory. The Grand Orient of Ireland is liberal, since in proclaiming the absolute liberty of belief it permits to each one of its members the liberty to believe or not to believe in God, and by so doing desires to respect its members in their convictions, their doctrines and their beliefs.

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