Monday, March 5, 2012

Making Good Cigars Better

How could I resist this story any more than I can resist a really good maduro? It has come to the attention of the Hedge Mason that a young brother has created a line of cigars branded with the square and compass.

As should come as no surprise, at least judging from the amount of Freemasonry themed smoking paraphernalia available both new and antique, online and otherwise, there is a fondness for good cigars among the membership of the fraternity. I understand there's even a Masonic Cigar club in New York. These guys should get together.

Currently available are...

"The Mason" which comes in boxes of 20 Toros Maduros - $150.00/box
"The Illuminati" which comes in boxes of 20 Torpedos - $220.00/box and also in boxes of 20 Salomones - $240.00/box (The Salomones are bigger)

Benton Walter Williams is the mind behind this endeavor, and you are getting such an early notice on this one that he hasn't even finished the website yet. You can contact him at and don't forget to tell him you heard it from the Hedge Mason.

Of course, the usual disclaimer applies - I do not receive any remuneration from this endeavor beyond the satisfaction of encouraging a young brother to follow his light. Dare we say it? We hope he blows rings around the competition!

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Laghari Bedi said...

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