Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Face of New Liberal Freemasonry in Spain

The new Grand Master of the Gran Logia Simbólica Española (GLSE), the Aragonese Nevis Bayo, is a promoter of stability, promising an approach to society and a strong defense of secularism in the three years that remain for her at the helm of the organization, founded in Spain by about seven hundred members.  Bayo,  from Aragon with roots in the province of Valladolid, explained the objectives she has set for her new role in the Lodge, which she will assume this weekend at a meeting held in Valladolid, a function being passed to her by Jordi Farrerons, who has performed this task for six years.

The new Grand Master has expressed her intention to exercise that responsibility by following the model of her predecessor, after being part of his team, and has said she will seek to strengthen the internal organization, while creating a presence for the Grand Lodge abroad. Bayo y Farrerons, who rejected the myth of mystery and secretiveness which some attribute to the Masons, explained that among the purposes of this organization is the defense of secularism and democracy, through the word, with regular meetings that take place every two weeks in each of the 34 lodges that make up the Spanish Symbolic Lodge.

Bayo Nieves will be the second woman to take the chair to serve as Grand Master of the Gran Logia Simbólica Española, and may remain in office the next three years and then continue for another three, but no longer. All charges of Freemasonry are elected "by ballot, not in perpetuity," explained Ferreróns y Bayo, who has stated that the organization is structured to include the Grand Master, which is equivalent to the position of a president, the Great Council composed of representatives or delegated authorities, and the general assembly, which meets every year. At the meeting taking place this weekend in Valladolid, which always takes place in a Spanish city, the last in Bilbao, 120 delegates will attend from the Spanish lodges, and representatives of delegations from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Uruguay, and it is customary to find visitors of organizations from different countries in the assembly.

The same story was published in el Diario Vasco (Basque Journal - provided by Reuters)
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