Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Research Lodge of The Moderns

The Modern Lodge of Research

Almost a year ago the Lodge of Research "The Moderns" had raised its columns to work under the auspices of the Circle of Studies of the French Rite of Montaleau Roëttiers. This was uncommon in that it was a lodge under the protection of a Research Center, although it was regularly raised by Master Masons, regularly initiated. However, independence at that time was a priority for those involved.

These days, the sponsorship has changed for the Research Lodge of “The Moderns,” who works on deepening the knowledge and heritage of "The Moderns" in Freemasonry, and thus they have regularized their situation under the protection of the Mixed Grand Lodge of the Equatorial Andes and look forward to continuing their work under new sponsorship.

Announcements of their publications will be presented here as time goes on. We wish Olga, Joaquim, Victor and our other brothers and sisters involved with this effort every success in the coming months and years.

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