Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sovereign Chapter of the Order of Wisdom in Mexico

In Mexico, the French Rite, is represented by 5 regularly constituted lodges, namely the Lodge "Mankind", attached to the Grande Loge Nationale du Canada, the Lodges "La Fayette No. 10" and "Via Hermetic No. 15" attached to the Grande Oriente Ibérico and "Les Amis Réunis No. 5" and "Equitas No. 6" of the Grand Lodge of the Equatorial Andes working the French Modern Rites of 1783/1801.

Until now, the option of continuation of the work in the higher degrees of Order of Wisdom did not exist, which limited the options of Brethren wishing to continue their initiatory advancement and it is for this reason that the Sublime Council of the Modern Rite for Ecuador, under the Charter of the Supreme Conselho do Rito Moderno - Brazil, which is itself the only legitimate guarantor for the Orders of Wisdom of the Modern Rite worldwide, is pleased to inform Masons worldwide, and particularly in the Valley of Mexico, the installation of the first Sovereign Chapter regularly constituted "Veritas No. 3" Letter Patent of Sublime Modern Rite Council for Ecuador (SCRME), chaired by Mihe Morales - SPR + (IV ° Ord. - Gr 7) in the Valley of Mexico City, November 13, 2012.

Muchas Gracias a MM Yuguito, V ° Ord. - Gr 9, Sublime Commander of the Modern Rite Council for Ecuador

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