Monday, February 11, 2013

Message from the Sublime Council of the Modern Rite of Ecuador, 2013

Message for 2013
Sublime Council Modern Rite of Ecuador (SCRME)

My Dear Brothers:. & Sisters :. all and Readers in general:

It was only in the middle of 2011 that  the Modern Rite Sublime Council for Ecuador (SCRME) was created, with the stated mission of encouraging the growth of French Modern Rite Craft Lodges and Sovereign Chapters of male, female and mixed membership, working respectively, and on a regular basis, according to custom and rituals, and in order to transmit the values emanating from the Grand Chaptre General of France between 1784 and 1786 for the Orders of Wisdom and of Regulation conducted within the Grand Orient of France from 1783-1786 for the Symbolic Degrees of Freemasonry, and share the fruits of this work and research, meeting and joint exchange to offer Masons of all persuasions, jurisdictions, or Lodges, Federations of free and sovereign Lodges, knowledge of the days and places where they can experience the fraternity of the Valley or Orient they wish to visit, provided they have the required grades in relation to the work they wish to participate.

However, this mission could not be achieved if we did not start with the promotion of Freemasonry in its original form from its roots, and this is why it la Gran Logia Mixta de los Andes Ecuatoriales (GLMAE) was created for that purpose, thereby closing the training circle ffrom blue Freemasonry, to the philosophical degrees, while this benefit is provided with a transnational constitution, not to grab territory in Masonic politics; as we view the world being large enough so that all organizations which capable of doing so can coexist without selfishness or prominence of any kind.

During this time, a total of 7 Lodges distributed in different geographical locations have joined the GLMAE :

R.L. Manuelita Sáenz No. 1, ubicada al Or. de Quito, Ecuador

R.L. Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre No. 2, al Or. de Barcelona, Spain.

R.L. Lux Veritatis No. 3, al Or. de Terrasssa, Spain.

R.L. Andrés Ibáñez No. 4, al Or. de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

R.L. Les Amis Réunis No. 5, al Or. de Veracruz, México.

R.L. Équitas No. 6, al Or. de México D.F., México.

R.L. de Investigación "Los Modernos" No. 7, al Or. de Asturias, Spain.

On the level of Philosophical Grades, the following have been received:

S.C. Jean Pierre Graffin No. 1, en los VV. de Quito, Ecuador.

S.C. Eloy Alfaro No. 2, en los VV. de Barcelona, España.

S.C. Veritas No. 3, en los VV. de México D.F., México.

In addition to its V° Order Assembly, the Grand Council of Kadosh Gr 8 and a Sublime Council Gr. 9, are located in the Valley of San Francisco de Quito, a city where the GLMAE and SCRME historically have had their administrative headquarters.

On this occasion, I would like on behalf of the G:.M:. of the GLMAE, and the Supreme Commander of the SCRME, to bring to each and every one of you, citizens of the world, the most sincere wishes for the welfare and prosperity for the new year 2013, both personally, and on behalf of each of the members that make up our Lodges and Chapters, committing every day to work "for the moral and material improvement of mankind", a process that takes shape only through constant effort, which we are called to glorify.

We desire that henceforth our world begins to achieve that much desired awakening of consciousness, for which all call.


M:.M:. Yuguito
(OEVR - V:.M:.I:. )
V° Ord:. - Gr:. 9
S:.G:.M:. de la Gran Logia Mixta de los Andes Ecuatoriales
Sup:. Com:. Del Sublime Consejo del Rito Moderno para el Ecuador

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