Thursday, August 29, 2013

Masonic Marseille: A Conference.

Masonic Marseille

The symposium Claude-François Achard, un grand Marseillais méconnu will be held October 18, 2013 by the IMF - Provence, Marseille will host the sixth Conference of Traditional Renaissance Renaissance Traditionnelle on Saturday, October 19, 2013. The theme is Masonic Marseille: Mediterranean crossroads of Enlightenment in the eighteenth century . As before, the event will be hosted by the Alcazar Library (Course Belsunce 13001 Marseille).

•10am. Doors open
•10:15. Inauguration of the conference by Roger Dachez and Pierre Mollier (Traditional Renaissance) and Daniel Hermann , Deputy Mayor of Marseille delegate for cultural events, museums, and libraries
•10:30. Freemasonry: between sociability and spirituality in the Enlightenment by Roger Dachez
•11:15. Idea initiation and Freemasonry in the eighteenth century by Pierre Mollier le Cavailler
•12h. Lunch Break
•14h. The Mother Scottish Lodge and The Triple Union in Marseille: two essentials in the history of French Freemasonry. Presentation of an original document: the Treaty of Understanding of November 5, 1801 by Louis Trebuchet and Dominique Sappia
•14:45. Marseille and the Mediterranean as a Masonic crossroads by Pierre-Yves Beaurepaire
•15.30. Marseille, capital of the occult? Egyptian rites, Rosicrucianism and Martinism in the Mediterranean by Serge Caillet
•16h. Break
•16.30. Tribulations of a Marseille Lodge: L'Aimable Sagesse Jean-Claude Marchand
•17.15. Conclusions and closing the conference with representatives of the Grand Lodges of the MFI Provence

Price: 17 euros. Booking Online .

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