Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rough Ashlar No. 9

A subject we should all be concerned with, not only in assuring the rights to religious belief, but to assure that no one religion attempts to position or present itself as either better or more privileged than any other. All faiths are equal. If you believe otherwise, you have a lot more work to do on your ashlar.

This notice below is for the 6th walk in defense of Religious Liberty organized in Rio de Janeiro. It is an effort by the Afro-Brazilian religious community in response to repeated and intensifying attacks upon their rights and their personal safety coming from right wing Evangelical and Neo-Pentecostal Christian extremists. We stand in support of religious freedom for all, including those of African Inspired Religions where ever they may be found. These rights need to be assured whether here in the United States or in Brazil or other parts of the world. It is not acceptable to attempt to inhibit other religions in any way. If this is part of your belief, you need to reconsider some fundamental issues upon which your beliefs are founded.

No belief is any better or any more correct than another. 

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