Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Refreshingly Different View of Masonic Responsibilities

This letter, addressed from the Venerable Master of Lodge Luiz Gonzaga do Nascimento  N°. 203  in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to the Municipal Mayor of Rio de Janeiro after the shocking attack of school teachers by military Police in City Chambers, came across my desktop yesterday. I feel it imperative to share this with Masons in North America. I feel this firstly because too few US citizens even are aware this atrocity occurred. Secondly, it clearly exemplifies a form of Freemasonry which those who speak much and do little, would object to as representing an "unseemly" breach of Masonic Dogma. That dogma favored in North America claims to forbid the admixture of Freemasonry and politics under any circumstances. While I will not excoriate those who hold that position, I will note that this unseemly example seems pretty seemly to me. I think it is a breath of fresh air, and demonstrates an alternate perspective of the best that Freemasonry can be. Sorry, London, I beg to differ!

School Teacher attacked by
Police in Rio de Janeiro 
The English translation follows:

Your Excellency Mr. Jorge Felippe Councillor, Mayor Municipal Cidadae of Rio de Janeiro.

The august and respectable Masonic Lodge Luiz Gonzaga do Nascimento     N°. 203, meeting in Ordinary Assembly, takes note of The VIOLENT ACTS which occurred within the Camara Municipal of Rio de Janeiro, involving teachers in the public education and municipal police officers at his command.

Thus, this Board has chosen to publicly express their vehement repudiation of all these VIOLENT ACTS, which are transforming the State to a stage of TRAGEDY, while we call for immediate and urgent measures confirming the FACTS and making the guilty accountable.

18 defenseless military police confronted by dangerous educator
In fulfilling its role in the struggle for human rights guarantees, it is requested that urgent measures are provided to rescue the democratic rule of law, PEACE, HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE GUARANTEE OF  SOCIAL JUSTICE, insisting that the priority be the RIGHTS OF CITIZENS.

Furthermore, we request that you, in a dignified and honorable manner, resign the presidency of the chamber and its mandate.

Rodrigo dos Santos Morato
Venerable Master

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