Saturday, May 24, 2014

Freemasonry in the Third Millennium

There is a wonderful resource online that is unknown in the Masonic English speaking world. is a spanish publishing house focusing on Masonic literature. I'd like to encourage North American Freemasons with language skills to explore this publisher. They are small, but their work is substantive.

This will be the first of what will hopefully be a periodic notice of books from outside Anglophone Masonic literature. Those will skills in other languages may be pleased to locate such resources if they are not already aware of them. For those unable to read the various languages of these books, they will I trust, inspire some curiosity and awareness about what is being written and done in the rest of the Masonic world. It's just another small attempt to spread more light.

The French or Modern Rite
Freemasonry in the Third Millennium

This book contains an easy to read, but highly constructive message on the Modern Rite. It is a work that includes the impressions and viewpoints of several members of the  Grand Inspectors General of the Supreme Council of the Modern Rite in Brazil.

There have been many controversies within the Modern Rite, but it has prevailed and came to be practiced in France, Holland, Belgium and the colonies of France, as well as in Portugal, Spain and several other countries, including Brazil.

The Modern Rite given its philosophical spirit and progressive reform is rational and appropriate to our century, under the banner of the new Masonry, ie Freemasonry of the third millennium .
We feel comfortable stating that this is a work that fills a gap in Masonic literature on the study of the Modern Rite.

Author: Supremo Conselho do Brazil Rito Moderno
Collection: Red Series
Edition: 1
Pages: 248
Size: 140 x 210 mm
Binding: Paperback milled;
Top: with flap; plasticized shine,
ISBN: 978-84-92984-51-0

Disclaimer: For the record, the author of this blog has no legal or business ties to, nor have I been solicited or paid in any fashion for blogging about this company or its products.

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