Saturday, June 7, 2014

Eugenio Oliveira Former Grand Master of the Grand Orient Lusitano (GOL) Dies

The former Grand Master of the Grand Orient Lusitano (GOL), between 1996 and 2002, Eugenio Oliveira, died yesterday.

The current Grand Master of the GOL, Fernando Lima, speaking to the press expressed that "this is a very sad day" and that Oliveira "will always be remembered as a great freedom fighter, I hope that his example be followed."

Born August 30, 1932, in what was then Portuguese India, Eugenio Oliveira pursued a military career obtaining the rank of colonel in the Portuguese military.

Involved early in opposition to the Salazar regime, he participated in several actions, of which the most notable have been the assault on the headquarters of the 3rd Infantry Regiment, in Beja, on the night of December 31,1961, which became known as the Coup of Beja.

As a result of his involvement in this action, at which time he held the rank of captain, he was arrested on January 2, 1962 and expelled from the army on the same date. When he was released from the Fort of Peniche, on May 18, 1966, he found himself "without profession, library, cars, guns or even driving license," as he wrote in his own memoir.

After April 25, 1974 he was reinstated in the military, to the rank of major, having joined the Commissão de Extinção da PIDE/DGS and participated in the containment of paratroopers troops on November 25, 1975.

His ties with India eventually resulted in the founding of the Casa de Goa in 1987, which he chaired until 1991.

The funeral will be held at Masonic palace at a date to be announced by the Grand Orient Lusitano.

Information courtesy of the TSF Rádio Notícias.

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