Saturday, February 21, 2015

On the Evolution of Freemasonry & its Advancement.

Today we will discuss a slightly complex topic and one which may even create some controversy ... which is never a bad thing.

Can and should a Mason work as in years gone by? Is the Masonic secret still the same? Does Masonic secrecy have any meaning in the information age of computers, in a society demonstrating constant evolution?

A recurring theme is repeated in Masonic forums  "... this can not be made public... this should be addressed in lodge ... this is not for the profane world ... ".

These opinions are understandable, but I do not know to what extent they may be current or credible given the reality of society today. Hiding Freemasonry from technology is guaranteeing it a certain, slow and agonizing death.

It is not being less Masonic to speak of Masonry in public than to maintain one's Freemasonry as if  were something to hide.

No, we Masons do not have anything to hide nor do we have to hide from anyone, and isn't one of our duties o bring light out of our Temples?

I'm tired of  Masonic fundamentalism born of miscomprehension, the symbolism that some believe is for the Masonic world  only... not understanding that it is both totally secular and religious.

Let's be fair and perfect ... we'll be open minded and to carry out our work for and toward humanity.

THERE IS NO MASONIC SECRET, THERE IS ONLY MASONIC LIVING, which is that which gives meaning to what tradition meant by the "Masonic secret". Let us adapt our Temples and members to the society in which they work, so they can be useful to their peers and themselves.
If you search the Internet ... you'll find everything you want to know and more about Freemasonry ... even I dare say, you will find too much ... and too many mistakes!

What a curious way to keep the Masonic secret.!

R.·. L.·. Francesc Ferrer i Guardia nº 1821

Gràcies a Jordi. 

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