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Masonas. Historia de la masonería femenina - New Book on Feminine Freemasonry

Masonas. Historia de la masonería femenina by Yolanda Alba (5 mar 2014)

Freemasonry, as a method of knowledge, claims ancient roots, but their societies were, with a few exceptions, predominantly male until 1770 when the Grand Lodge of the Grand Orient in France created the rite of adoption, allowing the participation of women. This crystallized one of the most important moments for society and may be viewed as an early development of a revolution that would upset the established social order: the emancipation of women. In this work, Yolanda Alba provides a fascinating journey through the historical process that led to women of differing social statures  to enlist in an influential organization which is still  poorly understood, often marked by prejudice and obscurantism.

Yolanda Alba is a journalist, translator and editor. She began publishing in Pueblo before graduating in Information Sciences at the Complutense. Afterwards she worked for El País, leaving there to work in the cabinet of Minister Alberdi. Since then, she has worked for UNESCO,  as the director of The Bulletin, a trilingual publication on women's rights in the Mediterranean. She was founder of the Forum of Women Journalists of the Mediterranean, vice president of the European Network of Female Journalists; has published poetry, essays and novels. In 1998 she received the UNESCO Marseille Literary Excellence Award.

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