Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Modern Revivalist Bantu Divination System

Although this product, concerning a modern bone divination system,and not unrelated to the Egyptian Hermetic divination which survived in references and practice among later Egyptian inspired Greek Hermetic traditions, is in no way connected to the Hedge Mason, because of my interest in this evolving divination system, and my respect for the people who are offering this package, I've decided to repost their announcements here. Check them out. These are very interesting offerings and deserve your consideration. If you do not know much about this sort of divination and wish to learn more, feel free to contact the Hedge, and I will provide you with links and will be happy to discuss the matter with you.

At long last, the hotly anticipated Ancestor Healing divination kits are here! Hot off the presses in a limited run of 154, this special edition divination kit – codenamed “Crossroads Shaman” – is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or used before, whether you’re involved in hoodoo/conjure, Santeria/Voodoo/Palo, or something else entirely!

Based on the solar cosmogram of the Bantu Kongo, the central divination cloth features stunning, full-saturation colors on heavyweight cotton cloth, easy to fold and store, but large enough for the most demanding and complex investigations. Each quadrant intersects and reflects the energy fields of all the others, opening up a portal to a world rich in complexity and spiritual inspiration, and equally adaptable to tarot reading, dice, runes, or whatever suits your fancy.
Inspired by West Central African divinatory traditions and included in the 5×7″ red satin bag with hot stamp gold print are 22 hand-chosen throwing pieces covering every conceivable life situation, energy and archetype, from misfits and authority figures, to healing, cursing and the list goes on….! These aren’t cheap, plastic trinkets but real roots, resins, bones and charms, collected at great effort from the four corners of the globe.

So you don’t get lost in your travels, we’ve included a guidebook and red-covered manual (sample chapter here) to get you started, covering the meanings of all the throwing pieces, full explanations of the medicines and energies involved and sample throws and interpretations to inspire your explorations.

Finally, the set is ritually “fed” (in the traditional Central African style), the cloth is stamped with special ritual ingredients, and each set is packed with a numbered certificate of authenticity (red and black color palette), guaranteeing that yours is one of only 154 “Crossroads Shaman” divination kits in existence.

There will be other editions in the future, but none with this exact combination of book cover, throwing piece bag, certificate and stamp colors, pieces and accompanying ritual consecrations. Order now as supplies are limited, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!
Due to the “hot” nature of the consecration ritual employed, this edition is recommended for those already initiated into an African Traditional Religion or similar indigenous practice. If you’re uncomfortable with primal traditions, you may wish to consider the spiritually consecrated “Community Healer” edition instead.


Dakkelkura said...

Hi how can I get a hold of this. If not can you post a tutorial on either making one or working with something like this. Thanks.

E C Ballard ஃ said...

I'm not sure if any are still available, but look for Rob (or Robert) Lucas on Facebook. He's in Palo.