Thursday, May 28, 2015

Treaty of Recognition between the GLNF & GODF

Who would have conceived of telling a young Grand Master of the GOdF like Alain Bauer, who had both dealt with the issues of recognition and "regularities" that the headquarters of the Grand Orient of France would one day be be flooded by what Alec Mellor called the "separated brethren" but in reverse. Well, 15 years later Alain Bauer should be impressed by the landing the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF) has made on the Rue Cadet. the headquarters of the Grand Orient of France (GOdF). Incredible!

It seems that besides conjuring the astral, because this news appears to have been "predicted" among some Masonic thinkers long ago, a book entitled: “Franc-maçonnerie : regularité et reconnaissance, Histories et postures” (Freemasonry: Regularity and Recognition, Histories and postures), written by Roger Dachez, seems to be the ideal book to turn to to help understand the new set of relationship which themselves suggest the the of the chapter "We are all regular”. Yes, the roads of Masonic diplomacy are very convoluted, as Alain Bauer with some disappointment came to understand from his alter ego in the GOdF, Philippe Gugielmi.

And it is also the debut of the “Rencontres Lafayette” opened with a meeting between the GOdF and GLNF, because from May 21, 2015 forward , one of the great leaders of the Great General Chapter of the French Rite Grand Orient of France: Philippe Guglielmi. signed in Paris, a treaty of Recognition  between the High Grades of the French Rite of the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF) "regular" and the Great General Chapter of the French Rite of GODF. (GCGRF-GOdF) "liberals".

The content of the Treaty of Recognition between the highest body of the French Rite of "French regularlity" representing the GLNF, and GCGRF-GODF, has not been revealed as yet, which in part represents something like "oil and water" but as you can imagine  it will involve the alleged restructuring of the French Rite within GLNF regarding their higher grades, because although the Grand Lodge, controls the French Rite in the blue degrees, the breakdown of the GLNF brought the removal of Philippe Thomas and his (Grand Chapitre Français) as well as the abandonment of H. Vigier and the subsequent creation of their own Conseil Sublime du Rite Français. In the interum, the autonomous high levels of RF GLNF safeguarded the protocols of recognition between the Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and the GNLF, were in a complex stage of their evolution.

Although it is yet to be seen whether the treaty will affect the reorganization of these side bodies of the RF GLNF,  whether these Brothers can visit Chapters of the GCGRF-GODF, although their rituals bear little resemblance...Anyway in the end we must congratulate the GCGRF-GODF for this master stroke, and those approaches. Congratulations P. Glugielmi!

In any case we must not forget that incredibly the GLNF was an internal split off from the GOdF due to the issue of, among other things, the GAOTU...

And I wonder whether this situation will mean that something similar can happen soon in Spain the  between the GCGRF GODF-GLSE bodies with high degree RF side of the Grand Lodge of Spain (GLE).

Everything is in flux.
Victor Guerra. Vº of the Modern Rite.

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