Thursday, July 9, 2015

UMURM: now a legal U.S. non-profit

Finally we have received the legal papers from the United States Government confirming that the "Unión Masónica Universal del Rito Moderno, UMURM", is an official 501c3 non-profit legally registered with the United States Government. With this letter from the United States Government Internal Revenue Service stating we are a legal entity, we open our activities with the intent of strengthening research and academic development between our Members in relation to the Modern or French Rite in the European and American Continents.

We celebrate with a Triple Vivat!!!

Olga Vallejo Rueda, Vº Orden, Gr.·. 9
General Secretary of UMUMR

About the UMURM:

The UMURM shall at all times be open to any body who practices the Philosophical Modern Rite in the Five Orders of Wisdom,  which seeks admission, once their initiatory descent has been adequately documented.

The Universal Masonic Union of the Modern Rite (UMURM) incorporates the creation of an International Academy 5th. Order Modern Rite, with two main tasks:

1 - To be a Laboratory of thought to reflect on the meaning, philosophy, values, and ethics fundamental to the Modern Rite.
2 - To be an Academy of the Rite with the capacity to investigate and disseminate materials so that it can assume the role of a true conservatory of the Modern Rite, and finally advise any Supreme Council General Grand Chapter or other Philosophical body that requests it.

This Academy will operate without territorial or obediential limits, without normative rules, respecting the absolute independence of each of its members.

This Academy will be open to any Sovereign Power or Independent Chapter, but also in a personal capacity to any holder of the 5th. Ord. of Wisdom of the Modern Rite, stating his desire to be part of it and possession of documentary proof of their titles.

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