Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The One Small Blessing surrounding the Current Scandal involving the Grand Lodges of Georgia & Tennessee

In looking at the past few days turmoil over the Grand Lodges of Georgia and Tennessee, after the latest twist in which the Grand Lodge of California has decided to suspend recognition, showing at least the minimum ethical response one might have hoped for, which has apparently made DC feel forced to do likewise, there is one small and very slight positive element, a minor blessing, in all this mess.

No, that' is not that these two Grand Lodges have felt obliged to act; they should have done so within 24 hours of the original events. In any case, these same Grand Lodges are always looking for ways to be an embarrassment to anyone not still living in the 19th century. They should have been stripped of recognition permanently ages ago if recognition really meant anything. Of course, we know it doesn't. It's a matter of convenience.

What we should view as a great blessing is the fact that nobody much pays any attention to what happens in Freemasonry anymore. Because, that anybody, anywhere, would be willing to call such institutions as the GL of Georgia or Tennessee "brethren" is absolutely shameful.

It is events such as these that make me eternally grateful that I am not associated with UGLE derived Freemasonry. Vivez la différence!

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