Saturday, January 26, 2019

Spiritualism: Sensing Spirit

Having noted before certain aspects relating to divination in Espiritismo, I come back to it at least briefly in this post. For the Espiritista, divination is not so much a learned mechanical procedure with certain constant registers or meanings as it is an experiental process or phenomenon. It is, according to Espírito Santo, not so much "read off" as "read in." 

I view it perhaps somewhat differently as being a process of extracting understanding or interpretive possibilities from experience. That experience may be mental, emotional, of bodily sensation, or worldly observation.

One may simply become aware of answers when focused, or the medium may find it necessary to somehow translate a range of emotional feelings or physical sensations into meaning. Alternately, the medium may see in the world "beyond their own body" interpretable signs, be they originating from everyday occurances in the world or by looking at a set of object that the medium interprets, such as shells, coconuts, cards, etc.,

The means by which these are interpreted as noted in other posts, may not be formulaic. Rather, they are often fluid and inspirational in origin, often through a process that the medium may intuitively understand, but be incapable of explaining or reducing to a series of steps or instructions.

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