Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lázaro Cuesta Valdés appointed Cuba's new Sovereign Grand Commander

An announcement in Havana has indicated that the new elected Sovereign Grand Commander of Cuba is Lázaro Cuesta Valdés. Mr. Cuesta has previously served on the Commission for External Relations of the Supreme Council of Cuba with Adalberto González Concepción who is the new Lieutenant Grand Commander. Mr. Cuesta occupies a position of importance in the Abacuá society of Cuba and is a founder of "Organising Commission of the Letter of the Year," one of two annual meetings of Babalawos in Cuba to determine the "letra" or letter which indicates the spiritual forces that represent the dominant influences for the year, according to the Afro-Cuban religious community.

It is an auspicious decision for several reasons. This choice unequivocally demonstrates that participation in the religious life which is the dominant faith of the island nation no longer represents an impediment to achieving recognition and positions of authority in the broader institutional life of Cuba. It can only be good for Freemasonry in Cuba, as a man who has the depth of familiarity with the practice of various Afro-Cuban religious institutions that Lázaro Cuesta unquestionably possesses will be uniquely aware of the important role that Freemasonry has played in the evolution of the popular religion and culture of Cuba, and of its historical role in the cause for Cuban independence.

The Hedge Mason is pleased to extend its congratulations and sincere respect to Baba Lázaro from Liberal Freemasonry in the United States.

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