Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mystères Vaudou: Divinities Loas

Mystères Vaudou: Divinities Loas
A Photographic Exhibition

For the tenth anniversary of its opening, La Cantada II is placing itself under the sign of Vodou. The start of the festivities will be marked by an exceptional group show entitled "Vodou Mysteries," which brings together the work of twenty photographers. They will present the core interpretation of the Loas(spirits, angels, entities) of the Voodou pantheon or Haitian Creole religion and you will discover the many facets of the beautiful and sometimes dangerous Erzulie, spirit of love, the disturbing Dantor Ti Jean, fierce spirit, Gran Bwa, the spirit of the forest or Labalenn, Nibo Guede, the Marassa Twins, Baron Samedi ... With photographers: Isaure Anska, Nico Arach, Phylida Dolohov, Elizabeth, Roman Fournier, Christophe Guerin, Soizic Hess, Severine Jambot, Klomoh, Olivier Lelong, Chloe Lynn Dah, Caz In The Machine, Sandrine Mercier, Nicolas Meunier, may Rohrer, Stephane Roy, Lizzie St. in September, Julie Salvain, THN Thierry, Lily Von Venus, and Dorianne Wotton The exhibition (which will last two months) will begin with an opening designed as a Vodou service, with a special Vodou playlist of performances throughout the evening. You can enjoy the vévés (symbolic drawings) of each Spirit represented, painted on the floor of the Cantada. A booklet showing the different deities photographed will also be published and distributed. Opening January 13 at 7:30 pm.

Cantada II
13 Rue Moret , 75011 Paris, France

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