Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Masonic Titles

Yes, I know these are not in English. The problem is all of the good books, especially the new ones, are in a language other than English. Our goal over the next number of years is to make North Americans aware of the rich trove of books in other languages, notably French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Beyond that, will come the effort to identify a select number of the best and see what can be done to make that information available to an English speaking audience. Here are two worthy of note. More notices will follow.

Two new Masonic titles will be released in November.

Atanor in its Square and Compass collection is planning to launch two new Masonic titles this coming November. These two works are by Freemasons, two  Masters, one of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and one of the French Rite.

José Luis Cobos offers "Master Manual. The third of the four steps" and Ignacio Merino "Words Union. Tour and evolution of Freemasonry." Both are members of the GLSE. The essential and updated "Manual for the Master's Degree" takes a practical and philosophical point of view . This book is the third of four steps of every Mason in his endless search for the Truth. Providing a tour of historical sources and outlining the evolution of Freemasonry from its operative beginnings as cathedral  builders through its current speculative and philosophical dimension, it begins by analyzing the historical causes and political circumstances that led to the great crossroads of modernity in the seventeenth century and reaches through centuries, bringing us to the constitution of the current United Nations.

Thanks to John Slifko.

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