Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The traditional Modern Rite in North America and the Caribbean

The Modern Rite has issued Patents for North America and the Caribbean

The structure of the Universal Masonic Union of the Modern Rite (UMURM), walks slowly, at its own pace and attempts to remain aloof to controversy.

It has been suggested by some that the renewal of the Traditional Modern Rite will not come from Europe,but rather would take place on another continent such as in the Americas. The Rite will continue walking until there comes a day when rejuvenated and modernized it will be well adapted to new forms and visions. What all masonry needs now are new forms and visions, as the old does not seem able to reverse the (sometimes not so slow) decline.

It should be the desire of all masons to embrace a plural and critical view, knowing that all that information is a tool for the rest, so that everyone understands and handle it properly.

THis is why the UMURM, and the Academy, and specific individuals within these structures, working with brethren in the US and the Caribbean, developing through knowledge and relationships they have done with some brothers from the USA, have been able to raise the Modern Rite in the USA.

The Modern Rite in North America and the Caribbean support the Barcelona Charter drafted in June 2011 and are part of the Union Masonic Rite of Modern World (UMURM).

The Western Hemisphere is now organized for practicing Modern Rite according to the great traditions and heritage as preserved by the Masonic Supreme Council of the Modern Rite of Brazil, whose work takes place in an unbroken chain from 1842 to today , and whose rich heritage was rooted, long before that date, in the soil of the Modern Rite. (...)

The priority is now to work at making available a body of literature concerning the Modern Rite, which in all respects, is simply nonexistent in English. Our brothers in Cuba have an embarrassment of riches, thanks to the efforts of the Spanish in recent years. We plan to produce educational materials on historical topics, as well, and this is of immediate importance, literature appropriate to the needs of researchers and related rituals, ethics and traditions of the Modern Rite. Our commitment to research, education, and courteous debate, whether in or outside the box, and our need to translate the ritual, make a goal like this one an essential objective. We will make sure to share intellectual and moral values  and perspectives of the Modern Rite, rituals and ethics. (...)

This open letter announces that on July 27, 2012 the Supreme Conselho do Modern Rite based in Brazil, under the distinguished leadership of M. '. I. '. H. '. José María Bonachi Batalla, Sovereign Grand Inspector General, working in the Valley of Rio de Janeiro, granted the Letter Patent for the Orders of Wisdom I ∞, II ∞, III ∞ and IV ∞ Order of Modern Rite to the Grand Chapter General of the Modern Rite of North America and the Caribbean.

The General Grand Chapter of the Modern Rite of North America and the Caribbean will be working with the Orders of Wisdom, Brazilian rituals, to be translated from Portuguese.

In addition, the first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Mixed Modern Rite of North America and the Caribbean, working in the Orient of Philadelphia, it is a great honor to announce on behalf of their brothers and sisters, in the United States and Cuba (where several lodges under the lead of Logia Anáhuac are already working with more to come), this Symbolic Power has received its charter from the Grand Mixed Lodge of the Equatorial Andes,  from the hands of M. '. I. '. Hna. '. Olga Vallejo Rueda, S. '. C. '. Sublime Council of Modern Rite for Ecuador. The patent was received on July 12, 2012.

To see the full open letter follow the link below, or click on the bold text at the top of this window.:

Gracias a Joaquim, Olga, VIctor y el muy venerable JosÈ Maria por todo sus apoyos.

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