Friday, November 23, 2012

Rough Ashlar No. 1

Doubtlessly those of our brethren resistant to the idea that working on the rough ashlar means changing that with which one is comfortable, will accuse me of being unjustly critical of the status quo. I thank them for the complement. I am simply noting the truth. If someone doesn't find the truth comfortable, change it.

With that advice in mind, I will from time to time present a rough ashlar. A rough ashlar is a pithy fact that points out where we, as masons, need to do as we say, rather than as we do. I think that is self explanatory.  These may be observations of my own, or quotes of others. Either way, they represent a specific aspect of our experience which needs improvement. That is after all, what we are supposed to be about, is it not?

I think the following quote by an esteemed brother, Jack Buta, deserves to be Rough Ashlar No. 1.

"It is a sad fact that in 2009 in a country which just elected its first African-American President, 50% of Black Freemasons cannot sit in a mainstream Lodge with their white Brethren."

— Jack Buta, from the preface to "Black Freemasons White America: The History of Prince Hall Freemasonry." 2009.

Let us note that having re-elected our first African-American President for a second term, no substantial change has occurred in North American Freemasonry on this issue.

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Unknown said...

This is surely the roughest of Ashlars, and it shames me to be a mason in state that does not recognize Prince Hall.