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Derwyddiaeth brawdol yng Nghymru - Fraternal Druidism in Wales

Reviving Fraternal Druidism in Wales 
Adfywio Derwyddiaeth brawdol yng Nghymru

of the Ancient Order of Druids (Founded in 1781)
"Reviving Fraternal Druidism in Wales"

Ancient Order of Druids - Glamorgan Lodge No.743 are reviving fraternal druidism in Wales with the re-consecration of the ancient Glamorgan Lodge. Glamorgan Lodge No.74 was one of the earliest AOD Lodges in South Wales, its charter being issued around 1888. The Glamorgan Lodge used to meet at the Stag & Hounds Inn, Cardiff. At one time there were many lodges of the Ancient Order of Druids in Wales and the United Kingdom, unfortunately, many lodges had dis-banded and were closed many years ago, and of the 15 remaining lodges in the UK these are mostly in the Birmingham, Coventry, Great Yarmouth and Kent areas. Globally, the Ancient Order of Druids has a very well established structure of lodges in many countries.

This is the parent and founding order of the modern Druidic Societies, and was revived in the year 1781. Its object is to preserve and practise the main principles attributed to the early Druids, particularly those of justice, benevolence and friendship.

Since its revival the order has adapted itself to modern conditions whilst still preserving most of its original characteristics. The basic pattern of justice, benevolence and harmony, however, remains the foundation upon which the order rests. It has lodges in many parts of England, and close contact with "The International Order" throughout the world.

The AOD is not a religious organization - in fact any discussion on religion or politics is forbidden within the lodge rooms. They run their own Convalescent Home Fund for the benefit of members and their wives, there is also an Annuitants Fund for brethren in need.

If you are in Wales and interested in helping them revive fraternal druidism in Wales 
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