Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hail Anubis

Hail Anubis, 
Guardian of the Duat, Keeper of the Dead, 
the Divine Lawyer, Weigher of Hearts, Master of Ammit, 
Beloved son of Osiris, leader of the souls to the light, 
Protector of the Living, patron of hounds, I honor you.

O Anpu, Anubis, Divine Sem or Kheri-Heb, 
He who establishes the column of the Djed pillar, 
Physician of Osiris on his bed, 
You who restores life to the lifeless, hear me. 
Fulfill whatever I ask of you, 
For it shall not be evil or time consuming, within reason.
 I ask of this in the name of the benevolent Kheri-Heb Master, everliving and justified.

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