Sunday, November 17, 2013

Notice of the Sublime Council of the Modern Rite in Colombia

It has been reported by the Council and the Academy rector, at the request of Most Illustrious Brother Milciades Osorio of the Colombian GCGRM that the name of that Philosophical Potency of the Modern Rite, which controls and monitors the higher and symbolic grades in its Orient has undergone a change of name.

The Grand Chapter General Grand Orient of Colombia is now renamed The Sublime Council of the Modern Rite of the Grand Orient of Colombia, maintaining its membership in UMURM, maintaining the Regular Patents from I° to V° Order which it already possessed, and their involvement, responsibilities and privileges as a member of the Governing Council of the UMURM.

The president and UMURM Secretariat will send them a certificate documenting the acceptance of this name change.

Thanks to Ill.'.Br.'. Joaquim Villalta of Barcelona, Catalunya for this information.

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