Sunday, December 1, 2013

Inauguration of Research Lodge Marqués de Gages!

With great joy and boundless enthusiasm, on November 22, 2013 (EV), was born a new Lodge under the Auspices of the Grand Lodge of Mixed Equatorial Andes and the Sublime Council of the Modern Rite for Ecuador, the R. ·. L. ·.  "Marquis de Gages" No. 9, with the grant of patent by the M. ·. Il. ·. S. ·. Olga V. ·., To work in Grades. ·. 1 (Apr. ·. Mas. ·.) To the 7th (IV Ord. ·., SPR +), also as a Sovereign Chapter of the Modern Rite or French.
The importance of the Marquis de Gages within the Order in general and of the Modern Rite in particular, as well as his outstanding performance and the Universalist spirit he displayed throughout his life, giving proof of this Easts Belgium, France, Holland, etc.., led the Brothers and Sisters, . ·. Members of the R. ·. Research Lodge. ·. , to take his name as identification of the unique  imprint of the R. ·. L. ·. and Brothers. ·., and Sisters. ·. who are part of it.

The purpose of this project, which will be chaired by M. · . V. ·. Alejandro. ·. G. ·. and which will have the invaluable support of both the M. ·. Il. ·. H. ·. Joaquim Villalta and the M. ·. Il. ·. Sr.. ·. Olga. · V.. ·. among others brothers and sisters, is masonic Study and deepening the Modern Rite and its various spheres of social projection and reflection, through monthly meetings, and even the resurrection to the practice of those obscure  rituals almost forgotten in a drawer, and share with the brothers and sisters not only in this Obedience in particular, but the entire Order in general, anyone who wants, through periodicals, the labors conducted by our R. ·. L. ·. and the conclusions we reach, always with humility and open to any kind of contribution, leading us all to a greater and better knowledge and understanding of our Rite.

We welcome, therefore, this Great Event it is for the whole Order, with Triple Battery and acclaim

Vivat, Vivat, Vivat SEMPER!

Joaquim Villalta, V ª Order · Gr. 9
Member of  Supreme Conselho do Rito Moderno - Brazil
Member of  Council of the Modern Sublime Rite for Ecuador
Member of the  International Academy of the First Order V  - UMURM
Member of the R:. Lodge of Research "Marquis de Gages" - SCRME

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