Friday, June 5, 2020

A Persistant Fiction: The A-Political Freemason!

John Wesley Dobbs
Freemasons Are Political and they need to be more so in the fight for Civil Rights today!

There is this persistant myth in the US that Freemasons are a-political. Nothing could be further from the truth. Again and again over the past centuries masons in numerous countries have acted as masons rather than as private citizens to change the course of history.

Freemasons in Ireland consistantly supported uprisings against the English occupation as late as the 19th century.  Indeed, it was such activity and those very masons whose nickname is enshrined in the name of this blog.

There were masons in the US War of Inbependence, and as masons, they helped arrange and carry out the Boston Tea Party, under the name of "Th Sons of Liberty."

Masons were also actively involved in the Haitian Revolution, and subsequently the Bolivarian Revolution which freed Latin America. Masons were active in the Mexican Revolution.

Many masons are proud of these past political activities, until the subject of contemporary civil discord comes up. Teen they all deny it.

In relation to Civil Rights, a particular American Mason stands out. John Wesley Dobbs used the power of African American Freemasons to fight for human dignity. Read his amazing story by following the link below, and be inspired to actually walk the walk like he did!

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