Saturday, June 20, 2020

Albert Pike has died for your sins!

Following a day of peaceful protests celebrating Juneteenth, protesters pulled down the statue of Albert Pike in Judiciary Square in Northwest D.C. and set it on fire.

So much for keeping discussions of politics out of the lodge. The pidgeons have come home to roost. Now, I have dear friends who will be having an emotional moment, so I am far from insensitive about the matter. I will state that I am sorry for the distress that I am certain they are feeling at this moment.

That being said, American Masons have been largely disingenuous when it comes to dealing with this symbolic matter, just as they have been with the entrenched racism within North American Freemasonry. It's time to get honest, brothers.

We need to use this moment to deal with the skeletons in our closets, and there are many. Let's get real.

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