Saturday, January 7, 2012

Flash Alert: A Grand Lodge Magazine that actually is interesting to read!

We all know the slightly smug remarks about the magazines published by the Grand Lodges in the US. The standard old remarks are familiar; "It works better than Sominex" and "I use it for what I used to use old Sears catalogues," are some of the more common remarks. In short, there is little in the Masonic world more discouraging and irrelevant than the monthly publications which Grand Lodges use far too much money to produce.

Well, there's good news. Perhaps many of you already know this, perhaps not. However, a new year seems a good time to point out that one State Grand Lodge actually produces a publication which is both worth reading and entertaining to boot. What's more, it's available online.

Do yourself a favor and visit the online publication of the Grand Lodge of California. In fact, they have a sterling website as well.

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