Saturday, January 21, 2012

La Union Masonica Universal Rito Moderno

The Union Masonica Universal Rito Moderno in Spain has a blog which serves as the Official information organ for the Union. It is run by Victor Guerra Garcia one of whose other blogs has been highlighted here before, the blog Masonería Siglo XXI The Union Masonica Universal Rito Moderno is an international Organization dedicated to the propagation of and education about the Modern Rite, which has also been called The French Rite. This web site, published in Spanish, provides a wealth of information for anyone curious about Continental Rites as practiced in much of the world - both Europe and Latin America.

The December entry on the Conference of Hervé Vigier about Freemasonry and the French Rite in the 18th Century includes a number of interesting videos of lectures and is worth more than a momentary glance. Learn about Freemasonry in the rest of the world!

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