Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's All About Style

While Liberal Freemasonry may not have found a version of the Anglophone Masonic world's pet phrase, "Making good men better," perhaps in the world of fashion, we don't have to worry. Although it is possible that female Freemasons may vary in their choices of those little details which contribute to a better material experience of life, I think all Freemasons agree that a modest enjoyment of the finer things of life contribute to helping all masons appreciate their individual paths in life and the process of personal perfection in which we as Freemasons are engaged.

With that in mind, and noting for the females amongst us, they have a section for women, I have to share a most pleasant find. No apparel here for use in lodge but clothing guaranteed to make you shine everywhere else. After all, what better model of classic fashionability than clothing inspired by 1950s Cuba?

No, I do not get even a discount on a shirt, but take a look at what gorgeous updates on classic style are to be found at Cubavera.

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