Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Freemasonry in Seville

The Hedge Mason has mentioned before that perhaps the most exciting developments in European Freemasonry are occurring in Spain. Here we provide a link to a show presented by El Programa GPS dedicated to Masonry in the city of Seville, which was presented last year. The episode includes interviews with among others, representatives of the Lodge Obreros de Hiram (Workers of Hiram) of the Gran Logia Simbolica Española, including the first female grandmaster in Spanish Freemasonry, Ascension Tejerina and a professor of philosophy, Jose Carlos Carmona (University of Seville )

Unfortunately, there are no subtitles for English speakers, but most in the Americas, including a substantial minority in the US, will be able to follow this show without problems.

Editing and postproduction: Ivan Puente

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