Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Reflexions over the French Rite and the "Moderns"

The editorial introduction to an ambitious project begun last year by the group of masonic writers and scholars calling themselves "The Study Circle of the French Rite of Roëttiers of Monteleau" indicates that they are aware of the deficiencies and gaps in the knowledge available today concerning the ritual known as the French or Modern Rite, which, they state is nothing more nor less than the foundational Rite of Freemasonry derived from so-called "Moderns". They indicate that given the great importance of this rite,
they decided to
do something about it. Their efforts thus far are worthy of a lot more notice than they have received to date.

In a spirit of fraternity that many would be commended for emulating, they have made the fruit of their initial efforts available online for free. Currently, the Primier edition of their Journal, entitled REvista del Círculo de Estudios del Rito Francés "Roëttiers de Montaleau" No. 0, Primer Semestre del 2011, may be downloaded free of cost at a number of sites. At the end of this post, you will find a link to directly download the entire issue.

Currently, the magazine, and it is sufficiently ample and professional, in content, layout, and illustration to easily deserve that term, is available only in Spanish, which may seem odd to some, but as already noted in other postings at the Hedge Mason and on the site of the Roosevelt Center, the masonic communities in Spain are especially active, perhaps deserving the description of the most energized in Europe. So, we find a group of pr
ofessionals and masons, writers and researchers who have congregated around, among other obediences, the Gran Logia Simbolica Española, who are deeply committed to work related to the French Rite. This magazine is one product of their efforts. Work is underway to translate this small tome into English to provide more light on the subject, especially in the US. We will post more information on that as that work progresses.

Some of the content of this magazine include a report of the International Assembly of the V° Order, "The French Rite in America, Development, Awakening, and Survival" by Rodrigo Alvarez Reynal; and "The French Rite in Brazil" by Joaquim Villarta. All in all, these strong contributions share space with no less than 16 other articles, many of which are colorfully illustrated. And, in case I haven't stimulated your curiosity sufficiently, did I mention that the product is available as a free, full color PDF download?

Fair enough, no more delay, here is the link. If you are fluent in Spanish, don't delay. If not, while you are waiting for the English edition, remember that Spanish is going to be heard more and more frequently in Lodges in the coming years, so exercize that intellectual muscle between your ears a little and try it.

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