Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Studia Occulta Islamica

A new journal of interest to all fascinated by the roots of Hermeticism and Masonic Esotericism.
A few months ago I first became aware of the Societas Occulta Islamica thanks to a friend and brother mason in South Africa, who maintains a wonderful blog known as Hermesphilus (http://hermesphilus.wordpress.com/).
Well, time rests for nobody, and it appears that the Societas Occulta Islamica is hard at work. They have announced the launching of a peer-reviewed electronic journal entitled Studia Occulta Islamica (http://www.occultaislamica.com/journal/)

The inaugural issue of Studia Occulta Islamica will be devoted to the premier Occult Sage of Islamicate Civilization, Abū-l-‘Abbas Aḥmad ibn ‘Ali ibn Yūsuf al-Qurashī al-Būnī (d. 622 H / 1225 CE at Cairo) and his formidable oeuvre, which has been aptly termed the ‘Corpus Būnīanum’ by Jan Just Witkam. Without doubt the most distinguished work of the Corpus Būnīanum is the celebrated Shams al-Ma‘ārif al-Kubrā (The Great Sun of Knowledge) which will be the principal work of focus in the first issue of Studia Occulta Islamica.

The electronic publication of the Buni number is projected to occur on 1 September 2012 14:33 GMT (16:23 Cairo). Print copies may be made available on demand after this time as well.

Future issues of the journal will investigate the Divine Names, ‘Ilm al-Jafr, Astrology, Alchemy, ‘Magic Squares’, et cetera…

Papers from researchers in Islamic studies as well as those with interdisciplinary interests are most welcome. Please see the links below for further information. All submissions are subject to blind peer-review.

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September said...

The website of the Societas Occulta Islamica has gone down. It doesn't exist as a proper link on your page, as far as I can tell.

I'm interested in these people, too.