Thursday, October 25, 2012

The GLIF: from the ashes of the GLNF

The lengthy collapse of the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF) has brought a number of suitors, you know the story,  "The king is dead, long live the king."

There are always candidates and the cake looks sweet because of the debris left by the collapse of the GLNF. Obedience after Oberdience emerge like mushrooms or fungi.... Hurrying into the symbolic blue fishing lake, but the question that is happening in the "red pond" or with all the scattered remnants after the collapse of the GLNF, I am referring to the high degrees and orders of Wisdom. That we are not hearing anything about, not a single mention. I wonder what is happening to the troops composing the High Grades that thick and interesting troop ..

Consideration should be given to what Jean-Laurent Turbet states, the "greedy" desire for recognition from the United Grand Lodge of England, whose umbrella all of them seek.

For the moment we must be content with the information you provide us Brother Jean-Laurent Turbet in Blog and Notes, and that is our guide when it comes to follow the evolution of "regular" French Freemasonry in this "affaire" of the GLNF

Victor Guerra

Wednesday October 24, 2012

The GLIF: a new French Masonic obedience arising from GLNF.

In addition to the Grand Lodge of the Masonic Alliance Française (GL-AMF) and the Grand Lodge Traditional French (GLTF) j a new obedience created by brothers from the French National Grand Lodge as arisen.

This new obedience, created in late September 2012, is being called the Independent Grand Lodge of France (GLIF).

This is the statement that the founders of this new obedience have published:

"Fearing the likely withdrawal of" recognition "of the obedience to which they belong,  recognized by the chain universal Masonic Grand Lodges, a group of Freemasons of this obedience have been meeting since 2011, in their status as regular Masons, in order to explore solutions that would restore as soon as possible, if it becomes necessary, "recognition".

If the proposed creation of a Grand Lodge, in response, was completed in the spring of 2012, the group of "Founding Fathers", with constant concern for the legitimacy and regularity of origin, and the refusal to participate in the fragmentation of French Freemasonry, would refrain from proclaiming himself as Grand Lodge endowed by default with a structure of government.

They waited, to declare the creation of this new Grand Lodge having feared that the withdrawal of recognition has been applied effectively, they have defined a working framework, which had been to officially invite to participate in this new context, the petitioners lodges in total freedom to create a Grand Lodge, and to seek the recognition of regular Grand Lodges of the world.

Welcoming the initiative of the European Grand Lodges to come to the aid of the French brothers to support the rebuilding of a regular, recognized Freemasonry in France, and in accordance with the work plan defined in the Declaration of Basel (Basel 10-06 - 2012), confirmed by the Bill of Berlin (28.07.2012), the creation of the Independent Grand Lodge of France (GLIF) is officially announced on September 25, 2012, affirming its full commitment to the process of restructuring.

The Independent Grand Lodge of France is a society of Masonic lodges and union of regular brothers under the rule of the 8 points of the "Basic Principles of 1929"
(Opening of the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe, which is God, the Bible, square and compass open lodges, male membership, respecting the immemorial customs, etc.) common to all regular Masonic lodges in the world .

It is organized under the Law on Associations of 1901, which gathers lodges were constituted themselves into associations of the same type, their own financial resources.

These lodges are unified and form an integral part, for recognition by the universal Masonic Order belonging to the Grand Lodge Independent French, through letters waged by the Grand Master and his commitment to respect the Constitution, they are allowed to exercise the privileges granted by the recognition because of GLIF.

The GLIF is sovereign for the craft degrees (Craft) in ceremonial rites except the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

The objective now is to recover as quickly as possible for its brothers, the recognition of universal Masonic chain of Grand Lodges recognized as such and to arrange a timetable of meetings with national and international parties interested. "

These five Grand Lodges, in effect, had applied to the Grand Lodge of France in charge of organizing the restructuring under the direction of French Masonic landscape. It is in this context that the Independent Grand Lodge of France has been officially received by the Grand Lodge of France not long ago.

The Grand Lodge of France, indeed, reminded all members in a circular of 14 September 2012:
"The Grand Lodge of France recalled that proceeding as voted in the Convent, any relationship to hold in France should be exclusively between French obediences brothers.
In that perspective, the Grand Lodge of France invites now all registered obediences in respect to landmarks, to explore with her the possible evolutionary pathways.

The Grand Lodge of France also invited and without exception, the structures already created or to be created and the brothers coming from the GLNF to participate in this new work. "

It is exactly in this way and with that perspective, which is the current Independent Grand Lodge of France in accordance with the Grand Lodge of France, since the GLIF is "sovereign for grades craft (craft)" in all except ceremonial rites the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite ..."

Welcome GLIF then the landscape in full Masonic French recomposition.

Gracias a Victor Guerra y sus innumerables blogs para este noticia.

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